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[1981-09-11-Houston Wrestling] Dick Slater vs Bobby Duncum


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Slater early on shows some athleticism escaping from a wristlock. I really like Bobby shielding the ref from his punches. Duncum using his size to control the match. Solid punch exchange with Bobby on top. Back to the headlock for Bobby. It's been all Duncum. This 1st fall has pretty basic stuff with Duncum in control. Slater with a cheap shot to the leg. Slater is working the leg. Slater gets Duncum's boot off and submit's him with a spinning toe hold.


2nd fall and Slater is back after the leg. Duncum is selling it for all its worth. Bobby steals the 2nd fall with a lariat.


3rd fall In between falls Bobby hits Slater with his boot. Bobby is attacking before the bell. Duncum wants revenge. Duncum leg is slowing him down.


Their was stuff to like and stuff not to like.. Dick's leg work was great. Bobby's selling was tremendous. Crowd was kinda ho hum for it all. After the 1st few minutes, Duncum's shine got boring. 2 1/4*

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