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[1981-03-28-Houston Wrestling] Gino Hernandez vs Gary Young


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This goes 26 minutes. Young is a solid hand, but I don't think he has the tools to fill 26 minutes. Gino has his work cut out for him.Gino with some trash talking right away. Though he ends up cowering away. Gino bumps to the floor. Young working the arm. Gino scurries to the rope. Nothing is really happening, but Gino is making it interesting. Ete rake by Gino, but Young recovers . Gino of course cowers in the corner. Cheap shot by Gino to set up a heat segment. Young tries to fight it, but Gino cuts it off with a hair pull. young fighting back. Throws a pretty sad drop kick, and gets back to the arm. Gino is tremendous taking an ass kicking. Gino has a million ways to cheat off a rope break, and here it is. Young is totally firing up. Gino bumping and stooging here. Flying lariat by Gino gets a fall.That was a super fun fall.


2nd fall and Gino tosses Gary to the outside. Gino just beating on Gary. Big miss by Gino opens the door for Gary. Flair bump to the floor. Young gets the equalizer in a very energetic fall.


3rd fall and Young targets the back.He is giving Gino back drops, knees to the back, forearms to the back, a running knee, camel clutch, and a slam. The fall is getting repetetive, but still makes sense. Gino cheats to turn the tide. Gino tosses Gary to the floor. In a nice revenge spot Gino slams him on the floor. Gino now goes after the back. He has a modified bow and arrow on. Th crowd is trying to rally Gary. Young with a Red Sanford comeback. Only for Gino to pull him back down to the mat. Gino finally puts him down. Gino can do no wrong. He really is an awesome worker. Maybe Gary Young's greatest singles match ever. My slight complaint was it went a little long. 3 3/4*


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