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Space City! A NWA ON DEMAND Podcast 4/21/17


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Man after a week off for technical difficulties, Johnny and I are back with a big double header.
1. 9/14/79 Ivan the Terrible vs Tiny Tom
2. 9/14/79 Tiger Conway Jr vs Killer Brooks
3. 9/14/79 Ivan the Terrible/ Killer Brooks vs Tiny Tom/Tiger Conway Jr.
-Who out of the bunch do the guys feel is another revelation of nwaondemand.com
4. 12/29/85 Masked Superstar vs Al Perez
5. 12/29/85 Steve Williams vs Bobby Duncum
6. 12/29/85 Terry Taylor vs Tim Brooks
7. 12/29/85 Fabs vs Guerreros
8. 8/8/86 Gary Young vs Gustavo Mendoza
9.. 8/8/86 OMG vs KoKo Ware
-Guys breakdown why KoKo was effective as a wrestler.
10.9/21/86 Missy Hyatt vs Dark Journey
11. 9/21/86 Terry Gordy vs OMG
12. 1/23/87 Ted Dibiase vs Michael Hayes Black glove on a poll match.
-is this possibly Michael Hayes greatest singles match?
-Was the post match promo Ted Dibiase's greatest one ever?
13. Promos by Brody and Boc
Is Hacksaw Duggan's shirt nutso
-Johnny Valentine promo and great movie comparison Johnny makes.

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