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[1981-03-28-Houston Wrestling] Mark Lewin vs Toru Tanaka


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On paper I was excited for this match, but Matt D pointed out we have Dillon and Hart on the outside so that warmed my heart a bit. I kinda dig JJ in Houston manages the foreigners. I really miss the salt ceremony. I wouldn't buy a car from either manager. So far this is pretty ho hum. JJ tries to make something happen. Lewin on the arm. The 1st fall was rough. Lewin with a couple of dropkicks gets the crowd stirring. . Lewin beating JJ. JJ is bleeding big time. Tanaka steals the fall. The 2nd fall really got the crowd to care. 3rd fall and Lewin is now beating Gary Hart, ripping his suit, and wants Hart to fire him. Hart then fires him.. Gino saves Hart. Then hits Tanaka by accident allowing Lewin to get the match.


The match was pretty bad, hidden by a lot of smoke and mirrors. JJ bleeding like a stuck pig. Lewin hits a drop kick. and that meant a lot. It totally got the crowd . Then Lewin's and Hart's break up was awesome. Gino getting involved, and finally Lewin basking in the glory of fans after the face turn.

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