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[2000-04-30-WWF-Backlash] Eddy Guerrero vs Essa Rios


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If you look up the definition of a fun match, it is this one. Chyna and Eddy come rolling in from prom and Eddy wrestles in his tux pants and bow tie. Essa was really trying to make the most of the situation by flying around and bumping all over the place. That makes the match a little sloppy and reckless at points but Eddy is able to reign it in just enough to keep it together. The monkey flip of Eddy and the asai moonsault from Essa were awesome. Eddy finishes him off with a whirley bird neckbreaker as a new finisher. After the match, Lita strips Chyna and she shows a more feminine side for the first time to the delight of the crowd and latino heat. ***

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They weave a nice match here with some crazy highspots thrown in from Essa Rios. Something striking here is how even a mid-card match like this one gets a chance to breathe and be built up with a solid enough story supporting it. Eddy is impressive here in not just going all-out but instead crafting a nice match with some ebb and flow and getting the crowd invested in it by the end. Essa Rios was fun, wish he got more of a chance too.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-30-WWF-Backlash] Eddy Guerrero vs Essa Rios

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