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[2004-10-09-NOAH-Navigation Against The Current] KENTA vs Kenta Kobashi


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Holy shit what a match. Everything from beginning to end was absolutely fantastic. Starts with a lock up & as they do that Kobashi pushes KENTA to the ropes. He goes for a clean break, but KENTA is having none of it; he just shamelessly starts kicking the shit out of Kobashi. That leads to Kobashi getting a bit pissed & they start trading strikes - KENTA wins the exchange due to his quickness. He is now being a total dick just kicking his mentor's ear & face. Now Kobashi is truly PISSED. He starts mauling the shit out of young KENTA with those GOAT chops of his - KENTA tries to come back with those quick, stiff kicks of his, but Kobashi shuts him down quickly with those damn chops. My goodness. The rest of the match is mostly dominated by Kobashi, who like any good mentor would just stretches & beats the shit out of KENTA. KENTA gets some big comeback spots in, but ultimately everything is shut down by the champ. What a goddamn match. ****3/4

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This is a career defining match for KENTA however, it wasn't a must see classic IMO. There was no way that 2004 KENTA was going to win so, this was more about proving himself as a singles wrestler. That took a bit of the drama and elements of surprise from the match. If 2004 Kobashi wasn't the protected ace and in the midst of his epic GHC run, maybe this could have been more competitive but for what it was I'd highly recommend it. I mean its KENTA vs Kobashi so, its got everything you would expect & its the best match of night.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2004-10-09-NOAH-Navigation Against The Current] KENTA vs Kenta Kobashi

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