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[2017-02-26-AJPW] Kento Miyahara vs The Bodyguard


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This is for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship.


BODYGAA is over in this, to the point that at first he's portrayed not that differently from an underdog fighting from underneath and Kento is doing the dastardly work of a body part (in this case, the neck).


The match itself, while not being anything special, is enjoyable because both performers give the sense of urgency a title match needs, and because the crowd is into this the whole way. Kento show much more emotion than Okada usually does. I wonder if they met in their careers, or if they ever will.


Bodyguard is charismatic as fuck - considering he's best buds with ZEUS, that isn't a surprise. *** 1/2

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Fans were into this match from the get-go. Both guys have their own appeal...Bodyguard is a Big Poppa Pump type dude complete with bleached blonde hair and Miyahara is the fancy lad type guy with sparkle jacket and odd hair cut.


This was a fun but, not too surprising match. The final act of the bout was pretty good with false finishes and not over doing it. Its worth a watch but, if you've got a list of other matches to see...this can wait.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-02-26-AJPW] Kento Miyahara vs The Bodyguard

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