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[2017-04-13-RevPro-Epic Encounter] Marty Scurll vs Hiromu Takahashi


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Pretty cool matchup on paper and this was pretty exciting right off the bat with the umbrella shot. It's an exhibition so we get a lot of super kicks plus a teased sunset powerbomb to the outside, which was nice. They fight to the entrance way for a suplex and a couple more kicks. Finger snap -> into an awful chicken wing but Takahashi gets his arm up on 3 and powers to the ropes. Two time bombs ends it. Nothing memorable, fun and good for what it was. ***

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I love that NPJW World is putting stuff like this up.


There was something missing here. It was all downhill from the umbrella shot, and I'm not sure why. It just dragged, and the ADD camera work didn't help. It was poorly paced, and they went to the "Scurll does his personal action but it causes him to get his comeuppance" well too often.


I hope Takahashi doesn't suck. He's a really fun character - he licks belts and umbrellas, eats athletic tape, and has the Misfits on his jacket. But what if his matches aren't any good? That'd be a shame.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-04-13-RevPro-Epic Encounter] Marty Scurll vs Hiromu Takahashi

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