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[2007-03-04-NOAH-Navigate For Evolution] KENTA vs Takeshi Morishima


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I just CAN'T BELIEVE that there was a SUB-10 MINUTE NOAH MAIN EVENT in 2007. I mean that in the most positive way possible. We start things off with them going right to the business with a crazy intense strike exchange that ends up with KENTA getting the control w/ a nice lariat. KENTA does a great job working over the champ - Morishima gets a nice comeback with a big lariat, his comeback is quickly cut off in awesome fashion by KENTA who gives him a HUGE German. Badass. KENTA again controls for a while only for Morishima to get the control with a LARIAT. Clearly the story they told in this match is that key to success is a goddamn lariat. Always a lariat. The finishing stretch was tremendous with Morishima getting fired up during their strikefest - he pushes KENTA to the corner as he pummels him with those strikes of his. Just a really great, classic sprint. Is this really a NOAH main event match for the ROH World Championship or a G1 Climax tournament match? ****1/2

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This match kicks ass. KENTA is great as the undersized dickhead trying to plug away at the mammoth World Champion and Morishima is equally great at murdering KENTA for even thinking he had a chance. For my money, Morishima is the greatest ROH World champion ever because of matches like this. With previous champions, the title got associated with usually long, bloated matches (especially when Gabe got the hard on for Danielson going 30+) and his reign was the exact opposite. The matches were shorter, more violent and more impactful. Literally every ROH World Champion who came after him has lacked every one of those traits. Some of it might be a booking issue but a lot of it falls onto the performers IMO. Anyways, this match is awesome and one of the best sub 10:00 matches ever. Definitely in my top 10 ROH World Title matches at worst. ****1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2007-03-04-NOAH-Navigate For Evolution] KENTA vs Takeshi Morishima

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