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[2016-03-19-WWC] Mike Mendoza & El Cuervo vs La Revolucion


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This didn't reach the heights of their previous match, as this was more of a classic tag than a chaotic brawl, but was still pretty good. I really liked La Revolucion's work here, they found smart ways to distract the ref and utilize the blind tag to their advantage and had a lot of neat cut offs like good looking big boots, stomps or just pulling by the taping. Mendoza and Cuervo remind me of The Hardys-in that they seem to have the basics down, sell well, know how to fire up and make the crowd buy into them, but also opt to do jumping around, and while I really could live without ever seeing a sub-CM Punk Go 2 Sleep ever again it's mostly inoffensive, maybe due to how recklessly they throw themselves into a lot of it. The simulatenous double pin is hardly the most original idea, but it's a good enough angle to prolong the feud so I didn't mind it. ***1/4

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