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[2016-05-28-WWC] Mike Mendoza & El Cuervo vs La Revolucion


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These two have another hate filled brawl, but this time inside a steel cage match! Puerto Rican wrestling really feels like a cartoon that's come to life-but more in the vein of Hellsing than Scooby Doo. Basically-there's a lot of ridiculous stuff that ask you to suspend your disbelief, but they do a good job of consitently following through on the logic of the universe they're in. Like I'm not sure whether they were using a taser or a stapler, but the weapon choices can get pretty goofy. Still-they surround it with enough violence you can just immerse yourself into it and enjoy it for what it is-and you get some really cool spots like an Alabama Slam into a side of a cage and someone beinf trapped inbetween the cage and the ropes and just getting nuked with vicious Lariats. There's a strecher job, and it can be pretty hair to nails strecher jobs, especially since there's a pretty big chance the wrestler's going to come back in the match later, but it was done about as well as possible here. El Cuervo took a gigantic bump of the cage into thumbtack, disappeared for a while, then came back swinging through the crowd, and when he came back into the ring it took him quite along time to get one of the heels onto his shoulder and I'd stop and check before executing his usual offence. I wasn't the biggest fan of the post-match beatdown and angle, felt a little forced, but it couldn't detract too much from a neat match. ***1/2

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