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[2000-05-05-NJPW-Wrestling Dontaku] Great Muta vs Power Warrior


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The last time we will see Muta in Japan until late December. This really has an epic feel with the entrances and Hokuto escorting Sasaki. Muta is limping around on a crutch but that was all a ruse and he attacks Sasaki with the crutch before the bell. He then mists Hokuto. Muta is certainly limited and hurting here but the pageantry and mobility is just enough to make this entertaining. Sasaki did good on his power moves and displaying his Power Warrior persona throughout this match. The finish was neat as Muta has misted Sasaki once and goes for the evil red mist. Sasaki blocks that and then mists Muta. One lariat later and he retains. ***1/4

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This is largely carried by spectacle. The business with Muta and Hokuto at the beginning is cool and then Power Warrior runs through him with power stuff. They work a deliberate pace for a bit and Muta uses the mist again leading to a run-up moonsault that gets a nice response. The end bit with the mist is honestly really clever, well-done, and definitive as Power Warrior blocks red mist then mists Muta himself to lead to the lariat and victory. This was good for what they set out for.



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Muta attacks Sasaki with the crutch to start, and Hokuto gets the green mist in the face after an exchange with Muta. Muta works the arm and hand with the test of strength and armbars. I liked his going to the cross armbar after the kickout from the moonsault to follow up on the previous arm work. After an excursion outside the ring, they have a finishing stretch that ends with Power Warrior blocking the red mist and delivering his own green mist. The surprised Muta falls prey to a lariat. Fun ending and Muta kept the match interesting throughout.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-05-NJPW-Wrestling Dontaku] Great Muta vs Power Warrior

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