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[2000-05-06-WWF-Insurrextion] Edge & Christian vs Matt & Jeff Hardy


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E&C are outside and heeling it up now. They charged a little boy for an autograph which is a topical 2017 twitter topic and then jump in front of a fan for a picture. Awesome stuff. The match itself is solid. It felt like E&C were still getting their legs under them as heels but they took the template of southern style formula and kept it throughout much of the match. I have liked the interplay between King and JR bickering back and forth throughout this match. The officiating was a little too inconsistent for me making it seem like he was really against the Hardy’s instead of having to make a judgement call that just went against the face. Hardy offense builds to those big explosive spots and we get that with the Swantom and the Twist of Fate only for Edge to come in with the ring bell and causing the DQ. Dudley Boyz come in and lay the 3D on Christian before retrieving a table. Edge goes through that. A good match to see the development of these guys without relying on the gimmicks. **3/4

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