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[2000-05-06-WWF-Insurrextion] The Rock vs HHH vs Shane McMahon


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We get a backstage promo with some dissension between Shane and HHH already. Steph says why does it matter who is going to be champ if it is all within the family. A good three way with Shane mostly staying out of the way and allowing Rock and HHH to have their typically well done match. A bit of miscommunication happened of course with Shane and HHH going after each other and breaking up pins. The first official gets taken out allowing Gerald Briscoe to come in. HHH hits the Pedigree and Rock kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. HHH decks Briscoe for counting too slow. HHH hits another Pedigree and Vince decides to take off Gerald's shirt and put it on. Here comes Earl and he drags Vince out of the ring. Earl tells Vince this is all bullshit. Vince goes to punch Earl and hits the ring post. HHH gets crotched by Shane and it is ambiguous whether it was inadvertent or not. Vince chases Earl around the ring and right into a Rock Bottom. HHH gets knocked outside and a People's Elbow puts Shane away. WWF had a good week of booking their main event in satisfying and unique ways. They all have been overbooked to a degree but just coherent enough to hook you for the next part of the story. ***1/2

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