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[2017-04-30-Stardom] Jungle Kyona vs HZK


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This is the opener of Stardom's Cinderella Tournament, which is a one night, single elimination tournament. Each match, excluding the final, has a ten minute time limit and you can also win by throwing your opponent over the top rope. This was a really scrappy sprint as these two have started a spirited feud over the last few shows. They go right after each other from the start, including doing some nice nearfalls to get over the over the top rule. After that, it becomes a big rush of strike exchanges and bomb throwing. This definitely looks to be the rivalry to watch in the future for Stardom. ***3/4

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Cinderella Tournament 2017 First Round: HZK vs. Jungle Kyona


The matches in this tournament are held under a 10-minute time limit and you can win via throwing your opponent over the top rope. This match had a good sense of urgency and selling, and HEAT! HZK really impressed me with the new moves she unveiled and how she applied them, and it was great to see her get the clean pin. That Bombs Away looked rough -- such a destructive finisher! ***3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-04-30-Stardom] Jungle Kyona vs HZK

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