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[2000-05-08-WCW-Nitro] Sting vs Jeff Jarrett


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Sting actually shows some fire here and these two have a fairly decent six minute match with the crowd really behind Sting. Sting takes a big bump for him onto the stage as that is getting a lot of play in the last couple of days of WCW. Things are looking good for Sting as he puts on the Scorpion Deathlock. Just then, Vampiro arises and they disappear from the ring with a ton of smoke. Pretty big bullshit chant for all of this. Sting comes back up with the red and Jarrett covers him to win. New Blood fills the ring until Hogan and Nash start brawling with them as we go off the air. Jarrett is really not looking strong as all as the leader of the New Blood and again they are completely dominant not giving much for fans of the promotion or Millionaires Club to grasp onto. **

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It's astounding how quickly they could run all these Vampiro shenanigans into the ground. This match is humming along okay even though Jarrett is just so bland as an ace and Sting really doesn't feel like a main event star at this point. The ending pretty much tarnishes the whole thing but this was okay while it lasted.



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Sting ducks a Jarrett clothesline and responds with two of his own followed by a couple of Japanese arm drags. An early ‘Stinger splash’ is missed, but he manages to put the breaks on in time. A clothesline sends Jarrett to the outside and Sting then suplexes him from the arena floor and onto the rampway. Double J avoids the splash from the top and Sting crashes and burns into the ramp. Jarrett picks up a chair which he uses on his opponent, but he dallies around for too long and the Stinger sprints down the ramp with a great running clothesline sending them both hurtling over the top rope and back inside. Figure Four by Jarrett, however Sting is able to reverse it forcing Jarrett to grab the ropes for the break. The Stinger fires back, a pair of ‘Stinger splashes’, Scorpion deathlock, when from through the ring comes Vampiro. He grabs Sting, pulls him underneath and smoke engulfs the ring like someone has let off a fire extinguisher. Loud “bullshit, bullshit” chant from the crowd. As the smoke settles, Vamp drags him back to the surface and Sting is covered in that red, blood-like liquid again. Double J makes the cover and he retains the World title. The New Blood come out to attack Sting, but very quickly the Wolfpac’s music starts to play. Despite the odds being 11 (the likes of Palumbo, Stasiak and the Filthy Animals are now in the NB) on 2, Hogan and Nash are handling the New Blood with ease until the show goes off the air.


Short match, but I liked the action here with them both working hard and Jarrett bumping and flying about for Sting. Nice to hear the audience making their feelings clear on that finish as it sounds like they’ve finally had enough of this nonsense too. Hogan and Nash really shouldn’t be getting the better of 11 on 2 odds though.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-08-WCW-Nitro] Sting vs Jeff Jarrett

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