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[2000-05-11-WWF-Smackdown] Too Cool & Rikishi vs HHH & Road Dogg & X-Pac


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I really like having Too Cool and Rikishi kept in the mix that they can throw into tv main events when people like Rock and Austin are elsewhere. This is an elimination match. The opening minutes were good with Too Cool getting eliminated and Rikishi having to overcome the odds. Rikishi does well going against all three guys and is able to send HHH to the outside allowing him to pin Road Dogg and X-Pac. Big Rikishi chant as him and HHH stare off. Patterson runs down and sends his shit stained underwear into Rikishi’s face. Not the best storyline here. The payoff does happen quickly as Rikishi grabs Pat and the underwear and uses it against HHH. Stephanie gets into the ring and we get a big time tease of her getting the stinkface but Patterson gets it instead. HHH hits a pedigree and escapes with a win. **3/4

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This was a fun tv main event that looked to have a lot of potential until Patterson came out and dragged the whole thing down with the hokey skid marked underwear gig. There was some great teased finishes on the first fall here with Too Cool and DX all hitting their finishers until Too Cool was finally eliminated.


The crowd went absolutely bonkers over the teased stinkface on Stephanie.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-11-WWF-Smackdown] Too Cool & Rikishi vs HHH & Road Dogg & X-Pac

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