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[2000-05-14-GAEA-5th Anniversary Show] Mayumi Ozaki vs KAORU


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Another conflicting GAEA match. A ton to love in this with some absolutely brutal spots that conveyed the violence. Some of the stage dives were excellent. The visual of the chairs that kept hanging onto Karou even after the seat got slammed across her head was also a gripping visual. The finish comes with Ozaki putting Karou into a plastic bag of sorts and delivering some sickening powerbombs on a char in the ring. Karou does a great blade job and that is really prevalent in May 2000 and has added something to each match it has been introduced into. The bad of this match revolved around the fact that it was a 28 minute brawl so there were some slow spots and the seconds for each were really involved here to the point of making me check out with almost every pin attempt they saved. This really teetered the age between great and bloated so my ranking will split the difference. ***1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-14-GAEA] Mayumi Ozaki vs KAORU

This match was fucking stupid and brought out the worst qualities in Ozaki. Stick her in a match with Nagashima and she's electric. Put her in a match like this and she's trash. One of the worst matches of the year for sure. It ended with KAORU stuck inside a plastic bag for Christ's sake. Negative a million, billion stars. 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-14-GAEA-5th Anniversary Show] Mayumi Ozaki vs KAORU

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