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[1981-01-09-Houston Wrestling] Tully Blanchard vs Tiger Conway Jr


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This is for the Southwest Heavyweight title. Some quick back and forth early. Tully running from the hammerlock is awesome. Tully is great stooging for Tiger. Tiger in control with the headlock. Tuilly is great at trying for escapes. Tully maneuvers Tiger into a backbreaker. Tully with a headbutt into the bread basket.A Flying head scissors takes Tully over. Tiger trys again, but misses. This sets up Tiger getting pinned



2nd fall and Tully is all over Tiger. Tiger with several elbows to the ribs. Tully cuts him off with his own knee. Tiger has

Tully on the run. Tiger has Tully reeling. Tiger with a headbutt to the leg. Tiger just beating on Tully. Tiger with those headbutts. Their are a lot of momentum shifts in this match.Tully reverses an Irish whip, but it's not enough. Tiger with a flying spear gets 3.




3rd fall and Tiger pushes his advantage. Tully uses an ankle pick to sneak a choke in. Tiger with a great hope spot for 2. Tully eats an Atomic Drop.Their was a lot of momentum shifts. Which allows it to feel more modern in structure. Great nearfalls by Tiger. Tiger goes for his finish, but misses. Tully rolls him up for the 3. 4*

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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [1981-01-09-Houston Wrestling] Tully Blanchard vs Tiger Conway Jr
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A good match, even though the crowd was extremely quiet by the Houston 1980s fans standards. It might be that Blanchard belongs to another territory, or it might be that Conway is not over enough as a single babyface, I can't really tell for sure but I will side with the champion on this one. Even in the ring, the challenger never fully impressed me, he was pretty basic and mainly got his points across thanks to the good Blanchard selling. I liked the quickness they showed at the beginning and towards the end, the finish was also pretty well done

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