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[2000-05-19-AAA] Cibernetico vs El Canek (Bull Terrier)


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A lot going on here. Canek and Cibernetico do a fine brawl using the chain but there is of course a ton going on outside because this is AAA. My man Oscar Sevilla is really getting his ass kicked. I did think for someone that is usually dreadful, Canek is passable here. Finish features fires and is mainly a vehicle for the Los Vipers to come out and attack Cibernetico including using fire. This allows Canek to win. **1/4

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This was pretty bad. We start off with the Vipers tearing down a poster of the AAA show on the mean streets of Tijuana. Abismo tries to set it on fire but to no avail. As for the match, Canek is wearing a weird kickboxer outfit. This is mostly the seconds (Oscar Sevilla Torero ElectoShock and Abismo Negro) beating up each other. Abismo throws a fireball at canek and the los Vatos Locos enter to help out Canek. Really poor match with the guys tripping over the chain and hardly any blood. The fire spots weren't sold much until Picudo showed up with real fire.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-19-AAA] Cibernetico vs El Canek (Bull Terrier)

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