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[2000-05-20-AJPW] Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa & Daisuke Ikeda vs Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue & Masao Inoue

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Once again, a melancholy match to watch knowing what is directly looming. Putting aside those emotions, this was another fun encounter. This was probably the most seemless and best Ikeda has looked in an AJ ring and him and Kawada especially have a lot of beef in this match. Check out the lariat that Kawada gives him in the latter stages that is absolutely brutal. Misawa and Kawada have a good bit of interaction and it is always fun to watch these two mix it up between the wrestling, strikes and some of their signature bombs. Taue also takes it Misawa quite a bit and is really grumpy in this one. Final even ends up with Inoue and Ogawa which is two junior members but it felt like they had mixed it up well enough that a pin could be costly. Ogawa ends up putting him away with a back suplex. ***1/2

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