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[2000-05-20-OVW-TV] Nick Dinsmore & Trailer Park Trash & Russ McCullough vs Mark Henry & Rob Conway & Mr Black


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Dinsmore is out there all alone as Kenny Bolin’s crew goes after him. Suddenly Trash and McCollough come up from behind and attack the heels. Cornette is yelling at the top of his lungs. We only get about three minutes into it until we have a shit show finish. Here comes the bell, here comes the screaming. Seriously fuck OVW. I can’t believe this shit was praised to a degree when it was happening in real time. OVW and AAA battling for worst promotion in the world to me. ¾*

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Cornette did not shut up for a minute in the 6 minute video. Good lord he's an annoying commentator. Poor Dean Hill. McCollough is really bad and Mark Henry wasn't that much better in this. Too short to really rank but of course it ends in a DQ. OVW continues to be the worst promotion in 2000. At least AAA had the mini's.

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Bolin Services are in the ring ready to face ‘the United Forces of OVW’, but when Nick Dinsmore comes to ringside he’s all alone and there’s no sign of Trash or McCullough. Kenny Bolin finds it all quite amusing that he hasn’t got any backup and wonders where ‘Trailer Park Goof’ or his girlfriend, The Damaja are? He says that they’re going to have to toss a coin to see who has the pleasure of coming down there and kicking his ass. However while they’re distracted by Dinsmore on the arena floor, from the opposite side comes Trailer Park Trash and Russ McCullough who attack Bolin Services from behind. All six men are in the ring, but ‘the United Forces of OVW’ quickly get Conway and Black out of there leaving Mark Henry all alone. They whip him into a McCullough big boot, and even though Dinsmore and TPT cover him together, he presses both of them off him. Trash with a double axe handle off the top, but Henry catches him in mid-air and plants him with a spinebuster. Top rope splash by Mr Black and McCullough is in to break up the pin. After missing an elbow he’s able to make the tag to Dinsmore who singlehandedly takes it to Bolin Services until Jerome Croney enters the ring and throws powder in his face for the DQ. Post-match triple team on McCullough and a big splash by Henry, another top rope splash from Mr Black, followed by a frog splash by Croney, as Bolin then counts a pin for him on Big Russ. Dinsmore is back to his feet and going after Bolin Services when they are joined by The Collector turning the advantage back in their favour. Dean Hill wonders if anyone can stand up to them, to which Jim Cornette responds if only The Damaja was healthy, maybe he’ll be the saviour of OVW...


I didn’t mind the actual few minutes of in ring action we got, but it’s negated by Jim Cornette’s high pitched screaming for the duration and that atrociously lame finish.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-20-OVW-TV] Nick Dinsmore & Trailer Park Trash & Russ McCullough vs Mark Henry & Rob Conway & Mr Black

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