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[2000-05-20-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee & Bitty Little vs K-Krush & Jim Neidhart & Curtis Hughes


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Anvil strutting out to Krush’s rap is so embarrassing. Amazing that Lawler is here mixing it up and then tomorrow is announcing for WWF. One of those things I don’t always think about but interesting to reflect on from time to time. Bitty is in this match a lot and doesn’t have a lot of good looking offense. I liked the heel side even if they randomly look like a WAR trios. They work over Little for a while and prevent him from tagging in Dundee and Lawler. The story here is simple of Little trying to prove himself but it is well done. Lance is a good narrator of the proceedings. The tag finally comes and we get all six men brawling it out to the end of the show. Good bounceback from MCW and a nice visual as you see the beer cans on the announce table. Hmmmm. **3/4

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So much for the tag match against Bull Pain & Todd Morton being the last time Lawler & Dundee would team up. Just over a month later and they’ve already gone back on that one! ‘The Anvil’ busting a move to Krush’s rapping on their entrance is too funny for words. Lawler tells Krush that they both want each other so why don’t they start this one? However he’s not too keen, steps out the ring and Neidhart kicks things off for the heel trio. ‘The Anvil’ doesn’t get much joy against ‘The King’ so tags out to Curtis Hughes, whilst Lawler gives ‘The Superstar’ his first bit of action. These two have a surprisingly good little section together. Bitty is in, but a poke to the eyes from Hughes immediately stops him in his tracks. Big scoop powerslam by Krush. Little reverses a whip to the corner and as he charges in Krush tries to vault over him, however he catches him on his shoulder. He then walks over to tag in ‘The King’ but Krush manages to free himself and quickly scrambles back to his own corner wanting no part of Lawler just yet. Neidhart gets the better of a test of strength and ‘The King’ resorts to drilling him with a right to escape. Bitty is back in, but ‘The Anvil’ with a boot to the mid-section and a powerbomb. The heels then take it in turns to go to work on him. Fallaway slam off the middle by Krush and also a nice spinning heel kick. Legdrop off the top with plenty of hang time and ‘The Superstar’ is in to break up the pin. Little makes a tag however the official misses it, distracted by the heel trio, and ushers Lawler back out of there. Powerslam from ‘The Anvil’ and again Dundee is in to break up the pin. Krush with a scissors kick and no need to tell you who’s breaking up that pin! The ref misses another Little tag and Lance is getting more and more frustrated “will you please get your eyes in the right spot Phil!” Face first suplex from Krush and now ‘The King’ is in there. He misses a moonsault and Bitty finally makes a tag that the referee sees. The match breaks down with all six men going at it in the ring. A right from Lawler sends Krush through the ropes and he follows him out. He bounces his head off the announcer’s table before tossing him into the front row. The action continues but unfortunately we’re out of time for today.


No finish is shown, but a solid little match. Lawler wants to get his hands on Krush, the heels try to stop that from happening whilst focusing their efforts on the ‘weaker’, less experienced member of the opposition. For such a random team the heel trio actually worked. Neidhart was fine as this burly, bruiser type, Hughes was good (especially when in there with Dundee), whilst it’s the best Krush has looked all year. That’s more down to the fact that this kinda match really showcases his strengths mind as he can get in there, do his fancy moves (reverse fallaway slam, top rope legdrop etc) and then get out, making him come across better than he actually is. The constant breaking up of the pin attempts did become a tad tedious and a shame we didn’t get a finish as I doubt the match had long left to run.

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The face-in-peril stuff was a bit on the long side and I also did not like that they did the "hot tag behind the refs back" spot twice but otherwise this was a perfectly fine tag team match. My least favorite thing here was the opening angle with Lawler, Dundee and Bitty as this was shot the "WWF-attitude-way", i.e. no interviewer there, just the guys talking in front of a camera (which has no purpose being there) completely ignoring it (set aside the borderline racist remark by Lawler).

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-20-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee & Bitty Little vs K-Krush & Jim Neidhart & Curtis Hughes

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