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[2000-05-21-WWF-Judgment Day] Perry Saturn vs Dean Malenko vs Eddy Guerrero


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I was not able to get into this three way. For comparison, I thought the Jaguar, Scoot, Blade 3 way was as least as innovative if not moreso. The Latino Heat character is strong and Eddy has had some fun 2000 stuff, but nothing great yet. I was thinking while watching this where I would rank him on a top 100 workers list but it would be fairly low and maybe even behind such names as Bubba Ray Dudley. Some of the spots here look clunky and more down time was here affecting the flow. Finish comes when Malenko avoids the flowers of Chyna but gets drop toe hold on them and then rolled up nicely by Eddy. After the match, it is discovered that the flowers contained a lead pipe. **1/2

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It just felt like they were trying to fit too much into such a clunky multi-man match at the beginning of the card. There was a lack of any real flow or build and it just came off as a lot of flat spots. Eddy clearly is the only one over to any sort of degree here too and that didn't really help matters. Still a fine use of some midcard guys.



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Eddy and Chyna are out first and JR suggests that referee Jack Doan should check out those roses that Chyna is carrying, as it wasn’t that long ago she stuck a pipe in some and used it as an offensive weapon. This gets underway before the bell has rung, and before Malenko has even made in into the ring, as Saturn and Guerrero exchange blows. Double team backbreaker/top rope knee drop by Saturn and Malenko as it looks as though they’re going to work together here. The unison doesn’t last for long mind, as after a Saturn elbow smash to Eddy in the corner, he then levels Malenko with a clothesline. Leg lariat by Malenko, and as these two go at it, it gives Eddy the chance to recover. Saturn with a press slam on Guerrero. Suplex, however Malenko stands behind him, grabbing Eddy in a waistlock before he lands, only for Guerrero to then catch them both with a back kick low blow. Huracanrana on Malenko that he doesn’t quite get all of, but a much better one on Saturn. Malenko blocks the headscissors, slamming Guerrero to the canvas and Saturn is over to break up the pin. Tornado DDT to Saturn and this time Malenko is the one breaking the count. ‘Tiger driver’ by Malenko on Eddy for two. ‘Texas Cloverleaf’, but on seeing Saturn back to his feet, he lets go and takes him out with a clothesline. Eddy reverses the whip to the corner and sits Malenko on the top turnbuckle. Saturn has recovered from that lariat and gets underneath, putting him on his shoulders. Malenko climbs to the top, only for Saturn to then drop Eddy throat first across the top rope, causing Malenko to lose his balance. Overhead belly to belly on Eddy. Malenko counters the attempted superplex and dumps Saturn face first to the ring. Eddy is next to have a go, looking for the top rope rana, but Malenko blocks that and hits a super gutbuster. Frog splash by Saturn, and after Malenko breaks the pin he puts him in the ‘Texas Cloverleaf’. Guerrero breaks that one up and a brain buster on Saturn. Malenko with ‘the Rings’ as they continue to use each others own holds against them. Three man belly to back suplex, and as Saturn rolls to the outside, Chyna hits him with her roses. Sunset flip by Eddy, but Malenko grabs the ropes to stop himself from being taken down. Chyna’s about to hit him with the roses, although he sees her coming and snatches them out of her hand. She trips him from the outside and he lands head first on them. Half nelson cradle and Eddy retains his European title, before it’s revealed that there was a lead pipe amongst those roses. Perhaps Jack Doan should’ve checked them after all!


They certainly crammed a lot into this, but it wasn’t as smooth as you would expect from these three. The additional issue that two of them are simply not over in the slightest, and as a result the crowd are deathly silent at times (such as when they were using each others holds garnered zero reaction when it should’ve elicited the polar opposite). At least Malenko has got the Light Heavyweight title, but struggle to see where Saturn goes from here or what you can even do with him.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-21-WWF-Judgment Day] Perry Saturn vs Dean Malenko vs Eddy Guerrero

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