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[2000-05-21-WWF-Judgment Day] Big Show vs Shane McMahon


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A straight garbage match and one that didn’t have that many Shane crazy bumps to keep things entertaining enough. I thought this made Show look weak as it seems like he doesn’t have any friends and was dumb to take on this match since he is wrestling 6-1. They try to make the finish seem like this heroic effort as he gets knocked out with a cinder block but it just felt like another case of a McMahon getting one over on the talent. *1/2

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Yeah I really liked the early portions of this with Big Show throwing Shane around. At one point he hits a really nasty kick and lariat but then this kind of descends into a methodical parade of interference with Show only overcoming it for so long. The finish comes across as pretty nasty but the tone was just wrong here. Shane should've gotten his ass kicked and Show just isn't in the right spot as sympathetic babyface being taken out here. Especially since he doesn't actually overcome the odds despite how huge he is.



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I agree, the early parts with Big Show squashing Shane were quite enjoyable. Shane is what he is, but as the included him being a pretty decent athlete that means I have seen much worse backyarders than him.

The cinder block that exploded on contact looked really silly, even worse than the exploding amplifier.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-21-WWF-Judgment Day] Big Show vs Shane McMahon

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