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[2010-03-16-WWE-NXT] Daniel Bryan vs Great Khali


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A really good broomstick match with Bryan taking Khali's only attribute (size) and building the match around it. All it takes for Khali to get back in control is essentially just grab Bryan, while Bryan has to really work on combos and counters to manage to take Khali down. I really liked how he used the Guillotine to set up his kick combos and how he Missile Dropkicked Khali while Khali was still kneeling instead of waiting for him to get up, and his reckless bumping really put over Khali's offence as that of a monster. ***1/4

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This is a 2 minute match. It's fine, but also during the Michael Cole buries Daniel Bryan incessantly on commentary phase. 

I can't fathom rating this *** 1/4 for what it is, as not only is it quick, but it really is a broomstick match in every way except literally. And Bryan comes off looking useless, despite hitting some moves.

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