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[2000-05-22-WCW-Nitro] Kevin Nash vs Jeff Jarrett


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We are here for the death of the career of Ric Flair. Russo is eating this up. We show the footage of Flair passing out on the ramp on Thunder and it looks even more ridiculous this time. Russo does at least put the rolex into the casket. NashTaker emerges from the casket and he clears house of Russo/Jarrett/David Flair. He takes the title and walks away. I guess now Nash and Jarrett are fighting over the championship. So much for Flair’s feel good win. Nash checks out Pamela’s ass to add another bit of class. I had forgotten how hilariously awful Russo’s theme was with the Iron Man start. Match is a mess with all the tropes of Russo not counting and being the evil referee. Nash it looks like is going to escape when the New Blood falls from the ceiling. Bischoff comes out and hypes the Bash. They keep teasing something big. This had Steiner saving Nash as a receipt for earlier but man does it make Jarrett look awful that he wins the belt again in this fashion. Last week’s Nitro was good. This was shit. ¼*

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Vince Russo, Jeff Jarrett and David Flair are out, dressed in black with a casket to ‘celebrate’ the death of the career of Ric Flair. They replay a clip of Flair from Thunder and Russo calls it the most pathetic thing he’s ever seen, holding the people responsible because he told them that Ric was too old to wrestle and then in front of everyone he had a ‘brain aneurysm’. Russo strips the Naitch of the World title and gives it back to Jarrett, before saying how he does have a heart, and steps out of the ring to bury Ric’s rolex with his career. In a trick right out of the Undertaker’s playbook, Kevin Nash is now in the casket and grabs Russo by the throat when he opens the lid. A couple of big boots that miss by a mile clean the clocks of Jarrett and Flair, and Nash takes off with the title belt.


After an advert break Russo tells Nash that he’s got Jeff Jarrett’s belt and he’s got 45 minutes to give it back, because if he doesn’t he’s going to be facing Jarrett tonight in a ‘No Holds Barred’ match and they’ll take it from him.


On to the match, and Russo makes his entrance after the wrestlers flanked by the R&B security who surround the ring. He attacks referee Billy Silverman with a baseball bat before replacing him as the official in the match. Nash reverses a whip to the corner, Jarrett goes for the tip up, however Nash catches him over his shoulder and drops him ‘snake eyes’ across the top turnbuckle. Big sideslam, Nash makes the cover but Russo stops counting at one and gives him the DX crotch chop (he really is obsessed with the WWF). As Nash stalks Russo, it gives Jarrett the chance to get a chair which he clocks ‘Big Sexy’ with. Nash is right back to his feet though and clotheslines Jarrett over the top rope to the outside, at which point Tony Schiavone also informs us that this is ‘falls count anywhere’. A cover on the arena floor and Russo is crotch chopping again instead of counting. Nash goes after Russo for a second time and just as he gets hold of him Jarrett nails him with the title belt. His offense is short lived as Nash cuts him off with a knee to the mid-section and as he goes for the ‘Jackknife’, Russo sprays mace in his face. Jarrett with ‘the Stroke’ and sprinting to the ring, presumably returning the favour from earlier in the show, is Scott Steiner. Russo maces him too and then calls in R&B Security who handcuff him to the bottom rope, crucifix style. Nash is too late to help his buddy but he runs roughshot through the security and finally snatches Russo. He’s about to powerbomb him on the outside when the blood-like liquid falls from the ceiling (although they have to edge back into it as they’re slightly out of position). Jarrett breaks a guitar over Nash’s head and then pins him with one foot on his chest to get the World title back again.


Dreadful and this has been one hideous episode of Nitro. What was that you were saying about clusters Mark Madden?

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