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LaVar Ball- Greatest Heel Manager Ever


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I hate him. I know its all an act just for show but I want to punch him in the face so badly. Despite hating him I can never change the channel when he's on TV for fear of missing what batshit crazy thing comes out of his mouth next. And the hate I have for him get's transferred to his son who is otherwise devoid of personality and would never be able to draw this nuclear level of heat on his own.

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I am with you. I was actually thinking about this the other day as I watched Mike and Mike talk endlessly about how people shouldn't talk about this guy because that is what he wants as they more or less created a two hour commercial for those insanely overpriced shoes for like 3 days in a row.


That dude is delusional and may be an outright ass hole, but he is keeping his son's name and his son's brand front and center and did so through the NFL draft and so far through the NBA playoffs. Impressive.

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