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  1. Cap

    Daniel Bryan

    If the rumors are true about Bryan going to AEW and having an opportunity to work in other promotions such as NJPW, he should have every opportunity to bolster his resume in a big way. Regardless of what one thinks about the move (I - for one - am pretty pumped about it), it seems quite likely that he will have a lot of opportunities for in-ring success. I suspect he is going to be picked apart as a legit #1 contender as the project ebbs and flows over the next 5 years. This should likely eliminate a lot of the institutional restrictions and subsequent potential excuses. In other words, his path is open, which (barring injury) should be entertaining.
  2. Cap

    El Hijo del Santo vs Ric Flair

    This is a tough one. They are actually back to back in my top 10 on my working list, with Santo at 5 and Flair at 6. Honestly, it feels a little like a coin flip to me. I'd be pretty shocked if Santo topped Flair in the total count though. I just don't see any luchador getting high votes with enough consistency across the voting body. I'd love to be proven wrong though.
  3. Cap

    Daniel Bryan

    I completely agree and it feels weird saying. That is why I asked. My biases are known I think, so I'm really curious what others think. I just can't think of a period of time when he was active and I wouldn't call him one of the hand full of best in the world.
  4. Cap

    Daniel Bryan

    I would sort of agree that he has a crazy long prime, but the funny thing is, I think two of his best/my favorite matches come int he first like 2 years of his career. I kind of have trouble thinking of any part of his career as not his prime. he has evolved and he might have had a down match or two here and there, but I can't think of a time period I think I would say doesn't constitute prime Bryan. Maybe I am forgetting something though.
  5. Cap

    Daniel Bryan

    I wont get too into the weeds because it is probably more a conversation for somewhere else, but I found the match less overthought and more attentive to detail. The Fastlane matches both accomplished a lot leading into their respective Manias, but this felt like an explosive and violent chessmatch between two legit great wrestler with great physical chemistry. Really great in-ring story too. To bring it back to Bryan's case. I kept wanting to say in that paragraph above that it was two wrestlers at the top of their game. I feel like that is true, but I am slightly hesitant to say it. To me this is obviously Roman's best run, but I'm not sure people would consider this Bryan's "prime". I sort of think you could lump 2020 and 2021 in with his prime work becuase... well... he is as good as anyone in the world when he is out there. Darren is right, Bryan was money in the empty arena era I know it has been discussed, but do folks consider us still in Bryan's "peak" or "prime".... or in another peak.... or in a less than prime era for him? Or maybe put a better way? What is his prime/peak?
  6. Cap

    Daniel Bryan

    They really do have great chemistry. I actually think their most recent SD match is the best of the lot from them, but agree that everything they have done together is really good to great.
  7. Cap

    Mitsuharu Misawa vs Stan Hansen

    Hansen wins this one somewhat comfortably for me. I suppose the variety is a big part of it. They both have crazy high highs. I think both could swing and miss from time to time. However, Hansen's style and approach to wrestling is generally more compelling to me and provides a touch more rewatch value. Misawa is a lock for my list and will do quite well, but Hansen is a contender for #1.
  8. Cap

    Chris Hero vs Cesaro

    This is an interesting one indeed. I have sort of always found Cesaro's output to come up short vs his talent. He is unbelievably talented in terms of his strength, body control, physical timing, and I would argue his storytelling. That all said, I - more often than not - come away slightly lower on his matches than I expect to be. Part of that is definitely the company and how they use him, but I often felt this way before he came to the WWE as well. Cesaro has had bigger stages, but probably fewer oportunties to stand out as a true great. Childs put it best with regard to hero. He always finds his way to relevance. He has a better mind for the entirety of wrestling I think and that bleeds into his match. Additionally, I'm not sure I would ever put Cesaro as the best wrestler in the world in a given year. Hero would push for that honor in 2015 and 2016 I think.
  9. Cap

    Bull Nakano vs Aja Kong

    Elliott brought this up elsewhere a while back and my gut response was Aja. I have since flipped on this and am pretty comfortable with that. I think Bull's top matches stack up pretty well against Aja's, but they are often different types of great to me. Aja is a punch in the mouth (literally and figuratively). Her best matches tend to be really smart well told stories wrapped in the package of a violent spectical. I feel like when things didn't hit just right you got stuff like the repetition or the slight wandering in places. The more I watch Bull the more she feels like a master storyteller. Watching her from the 80s into the 90s has convinced me that she had a gift (from the start) for grabbing narrative threads and keeping them tied together, even in the most chaotic matches. Both flex incredible creative muscles. I currently have Bull at #9 and Aja at #30. Well within the range for this to flip as I watch more, particularly more late career aja, but for now.... Bull.
  10. Cap

    Randy Orton vs Terry Gordy

    I more or less cosign much of what Childs said. I was generous to Orton in the Ultimo comparison. This feels a lot easier to me. Gordy's output doesn't match the reputation and the buzz, but I sometimes think the pendulum did its thing and swung a little far back on him. I would say his tag work alone produces more quality wrestling that I actively want to watch than Orton's career, but he is also not without some solid singles performances as well.
  11. Cap

    Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Orton

    On first brush with thinking on this... Orton strikes me as a guy who is good when he wants to be but doesn't always want to be and Ultimo strikes me as a guy who always wants to be good but doesn't always get what he wants. I'm not sure that will hold up under more thought. Neither guy has a real shot at my list, but gun to my head I probably prefer Ultimo in theory, but think Orton is a better wrestler.
  12. Cap

    Brock Lesnar

    I'm not even joking, I came back to this thread to make this exact point. Beat me to it.
  13. Cap

    Daniel Bryan vs Kenta Kobashi

    This is the one I put forward on the GME board because this is my working #1 (Bryan) and #2 (Kobashi). Lots of road in front of us. Either could fall, but I think it is more likely that Kobashi gets jumped than Bryan right now. At some point I'll provide some version of what I wrote over there breaking down the why, but Bryan edges this out for me as of right now.
  14. Cap

    Brock Lesnar

    I've been talked into it. Selfishly, Eddy is one of my favorite wrestlers ever, so I think it would have been cooler to see him go over Brock without Goldberg being involved and I think the match would have been slightly elevated in the way I generally think of a "great match" (usually more in a vacuum). This is also partially because I love Guerrero and Brock and I really don't care much for Goldberg HOWEVER, the match, with the interference and all, remains a significant line on Brock and Eddy's resume, perhaps even more so than it would without
  15. Cap

    Brock Lesnar

    haha.... of course I understand its purpose in the broader sense. Sure, I think the match would be better without the Goldberg's involvement, but what I meant was that they didn't need the interference to have Eddie go over Brock convincingly, which always felt a little like part of the calculation. What they accomplished in the body of the match was more than enough to get that crowd and the broader audience to buy Eddie beating Brock. There were still other reasons to have him involved of course, but I still wish he wasn't. Especially given how that Goldberg v Brock match ended up.