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  1. HHH vs Bryan probably. There is a Trevor Lee vs Chip Day match from CWF MA that was an absolute banger I saw live too.
  2. Cap

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    For those interested, we started rolling out the 2020 list last week. This year we had a small uptick in participation and matches receiving votes. We wound up with 16 ballots and 597 matches receiving votes. We are rolling out about 50 matches every two days for matches outside the top 100 and are including total points and the high votes. For the top 100 we will stagger them a bit different and roll them out daily. Those will include total points, high vote, number of ballots, and 2019 finish... as well as some quotes from board members.
  3. I didn't even think to mention that Kofi match, even thought I absolutely loved it. That is such a strong resume line for him. I don't want to take anything away from Kofi because I do think he performed out of his mind on that fun up to mania, but Kofi's reign itself tells you all you need to know about who was doing the leg work.
  4. Back on the point of Bryan. I didn't participate in this project, but followed it closely and had a sort of unofficial list in my head. Bryan would have been top 10 for me for sure. I think he jumped into the #1 or 2 spot for me since returning. That is no small accomplishment because I have watched SIGNIFICANTLY more wrestling since 2016 and done some pretty deep dives into styles and eras I was completely unfamiliar with, so that is with adding somewhere between 30-50 people to my list who likely wouldn't have made it before. Part of that is what he has done since the return and part of it is rewatching a good bit from him over the last 2-33 years (the entire nigel feud, the entire mori feud, most of the high profile ROH matches, the ki matches outside of ROH, the big wwe matches [cena, sheamus rivalry, HHH, reigns, wyatt 1, punk rivalry, orton rivalry, etc). His early work holds up better than I expected. On his return, he has basically been the guy they put in when they need something to work. He keeps rolling with the punches and everything he does comes across to me as at least "good" and often "great". No one has been worse off because they worked with him. He made a hemp belt interesting and got a good non-squash match out of the fiend. On top of that he has some really quality matches and has overachieved in the empty arena era. He did it all under a banner that I am systemically disconnected from. Over at the gme forum we have informal top 25 discussion and I have him penciled in at #1 with a tier of 4 at the very top for me.
  5. Cap

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Yeah, I was going to submit mine right after doing my top 10 rewatch, but there are still like 2-3 matches I want one final look at haha. It hooks you
  6. Cap

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    I wanna bump this for anyone considering submitting a ballot. The deadline is the end of SummerSlamm in just 10 days. Ballot is open now.
  7. Does anyone have a link for this? It sounds must see to me, but I can't find it.
  8. Whereas some people see two guys blown up at the end of the match. I see either 1) an all time selling performance from both men or 2) two guys who are as tired as they would be if they were legit grappling... in either case I think its a force multiplier in this match. This started out being a very good, grittly grappling match with a nice dynamic and wound up being an absolute war between the two. Suzuki looking so often for the kimura and the straight ankle lock was great. Sano firing those desperation strikes added some fire to the match right when it needed it. I also really liked how Sano balanced lifeless-I'm-almost-dead selling with his fire and comebacks. Sano hitting himself in the face to get energy to get out of the rear naked later was a really fun touch. They threw a fucking pile driver in for good measure. This is an all timer. It felt as much like a real grappling match as any shoot match I have ever seen. Easy *****
  9. Really solid stuff to close out the tournament for two of its strongest performers this year. I think Goto was sort of a glue-like character this year, just putting on solid performances from start to finish and managing to maintain his dark-horse ethos. Shingo was one of the biggest stand outs, especially down this homestretch. Hard hitting, really nice exchanges. Technically this was pretty strong. I loved the final sequence with Goto trying to go for a killshot because he doesn't think Shingo will stay down and getting blindsided by another brutal lariat.
  10. Match of the tournament for me so far. Just finished this so I am still two shows behind on the whole, but this was pretty easily the standout bout to this point. Maybe one of the best fighting spirit battles I have ever seen. Ishii spices it up with one of the best kickouts I have seen in ages (really like 2.9999999999). This was just awesome stuff start to finish. ****3/4
  11. Cap

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Sorry to bump this, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up on a few notes for the project. 1) Come by and visit the board if you took some time off or if you haven't yet. We did some remodeling and I THINK the board is much easier to navigate now and has some more spaces for conversation for those interested in the project and great matches generally. Matches are organized by year, the index is completely updated, and we have accomplished something resembling consistency on nominated threads. We have a solid community - made up of mostly folks from here, so you know its good - and we are even working on a few little low stress side projects to occupy the dork brain. 2) We are moving ballot due dates to SummerSlam. Obviously, not this year's SS, but next year we will tabulate the second annual GME ballot. Mania is just far too busy for people generally, including those of us moderating over there and the wrestling world is over-saturated with projects and content at the time. So this weekend, marks one year from the next ballot. 3) If you have any suggestions or see any major errors please let myself or one of the other mods know. I am going to try to make a little time each week to work on updates and fix stuff and I know our other mods are too. Thanks to those who have participated and contributed in the past and thanks to those who will again. Thanks to this board for being an awesome space to spin off of a bit. Finally, thanks to my fellow mods who have helped work on the board and make it an additionally cool space to chat about wrestling with this niche focus.
  12. I really need to go back and watch this because I'll be honest, on first watch this was my favorite of their matches and on the very short list of MOTY candidates for me (I currently have it at #1). I loved how they used Walter being sort of this slow turning heel(ish) champ that will do anything to keep his belt, but didn't make him look weak or scared really (which is sometimes the case). I thought Ilja's offense looked as good as it ever has here. Even for the most intense dude in the world this stood out as a high energy performance. They built the momentum such that i genuinely got lost in Ilja grasping at every last straw to win the title. I really like that they finished it with just murder lariats. Granted, I was maybe having a libation or two and I'm often a very generous fan in those instances. Regardless, I didn't really see this get a lot of hype after and it blew me away. I can see a scenario where I go back and realize it wasn't the best match oft he year so far, but I'd be floored if it wasn't still in my top10. Updated: Ok, so I watched it again and I'll still say its in the top 5 matches of the year. In my head I had conflated a spot or two from the Eddie Kingston match the night before, but this is still really top notch stuff. I also didn't remember how much I liked the over-the-top facials and movements from both men in this one. It felt very early 80s or even late 70s in terms of that. I also really loved how Ilja being one of the few people who has Walter's number played into how the match went, with Ilja having success early and being able to reverse and anticipate and even survive the just bear strength of Walter better than others. In all, this is right up there with my favorite Walter matches. He has produced probably 5-7 ****3/4 matches in in the last 3 years or so for me. It is an example of Walter not leaning as much on the chops and pure physicality (which can also be great), but getting involved in a chess match where he uses those things a little more strategically to make his opponent look even better and build a different sense of drama. The ZSJ match from Pumpkin Spice Progress about a year ago is very much in that same vein and it is why they are probably my two favorite Walter matches.
  13. This is the type of match that I like to say "willed itself to being good". I agree that the early part didn't make a ton of sense and - much like many Okada matches in this tournament - it took me a minute to get into it. However, they just sort of forced me to love it in the long run. NJPW matches to me are all about how I feel they organically flow, where the drama and momentum ebb and flow. There is so much going on that I often find that the momentum - for me - peaks early and then things just organically dip. This match kept climbing and climbing and just when i thought they were going to peak early and lose it (when Okada almost went out) they found a way to add just a little bit more without losing what they had built. I think its a near 4.5 star final 1/3rd, but the first two thirds probably cap it at **** for me (could see this getting a quarter star bump)
  14. Just finished this one and I would put it in the top 5-6 matches of the tournament, int hat 4-4.25 star range of excellent matches that jump of the pack. They left a little on the table for sure. It wasn't on par with their finals match last year for me, but it was really well done. I like Tana going after the knee and ankle of Ibushi and even trying to strategically bust out the high fly flow, but just physically coming up short this time around. I think Ibushi is maybe the perfect opponent for Tana at this point in his career because the way he sells Tana's offense, particularly those desperation moves that Tana hits down the stretch and really leans on in this stage of his career to build the drama makes Tana look like he is hitting a flash death blow every time. Excellent stuff.
  15. I'd probably lean a bit towards the 4.75 star rating. This is pretty great, simple work. I don't mean this as a shot at NJPW and the G1 at all because I am really really enjoying it, but being in the midst of it and seeing this, where two guys get so much done with much less in terms or physical ability is a nice bit of refreshment right now. This was all drama and violence and I am here for it. Strong MOTY contender.