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  1. joeg

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Briscoes vs Rush and Dragon Lee was amazing. Definately should check it out.
  2. joeg

    AEW Fight For The Fallen

    I turned the show off when they came on and never turned it back on. The gimmick would work with two different workers. Dark Order is low rent because they suck. They sucked as Super Smash Brother. Both guys look like somebody who would lose in a fight to your average wrestling fan. Thats my number one pet peave in wrestling- wrestlers I could beat in a fight or any athletic contest for that matter. And AEW has a lot of those sort of Chikara / Jersey indie kinda guys on their roster and it makes large portions of their show unwatchable. Anyways that gimmick would work with two guys over 6 feet who actually look scary and can actually work.
  3. joeg

    All Elite Wrestling

    MJF is getting over in spite of the booking. On both shows so far he's been put in throw away multi man matches working with some absolute garbage and he's still managed to get over. He's just that good.
  4. joeg

    All Elite Wrestling

    The thing I like about Cody is everything he's involved in feels like it matters. I can't say the same about anybody else in wrestling right now.
  5. joeg

    Your 2019 Midyear Awards

    ^^^bingo. They've got me pumped for a Blue Demon Jr. match, I mean come on
  6. joeg

    Your 2019 Midyear Awards

    Match of the Year- Cody vs Dustin Rhodes Show of the Year- Bloodsport Best Promotion- New Japan? Best on Interviews- MJF Feud of the Year- Blue Demon Jr vs Dr. Wagner Jr. Most Improved- Jon Moxley Wrestler of the Year- Daniel Bryan
  7. joeg

    Current Lucha Talk

    Wotan and Fly Star had a banger back in March. Its up on cubs'fan and youtube. It is exactly what you expect.
  8. joeg

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    I have, its not as good as Dark Side of the Ring.
  9. joeg

    All Elite Wrestling

    Thank you ragemaster. You eloquently and sensitively said what I attempted to say in a far less sensitive and far less eloquent manner. I thank you.
  10. joeg

    All Elite Wrestling

    CS, before debating further with you, I've got to ask, how old are you? Because I find when talking to people currently in college or recently out of college about this sort of stuff there is no room for nuance, or motive, or understanding of generational differences. Somebody who rants against Islam must be Islamaphobic, it can't be more complex in that the person finds all organized religion abhorrent and has detailed critiques of why they believe religion is inherently evil. Cornette's ramblings are no different than the opinions that you would hear from Bill Maher or Christopher Hitchens on the topic of religion and Islam. Somebody who uses the word "transvestite" instead of "cross dresser" (or whatever is the appropriate PC term at this moment) must hate people of different gender identities and people of different sexual orientations. He can't just be cracking a series of jokes about every wrestler in that dumpster fire of a battle royal Saturday. All in all, I find Cornette to be very knowledgeable about wrestling. He also has strong opinions, doesn't give a fuck if he offends people, and refuses to change with the times. All of which make him interesting to listen to.
  11. joeg

    All Elite Wrestling

    But I don't really think he's a bigot. Is he intentionally provocative to get attention? Yeah absolutely. Does he use terms that are currently pejorative? Yeah occasionally. Is he bigotted? No not really.
  12. joeg

    All Elite Wrestling

    I'm about halfway through it, Cornette basically has the same criticisms people here have said about the show. I didn't catch him say "transvestite" but a comment like that wouldn't stand out in the midst of him colorfully and hilariously shitting on every garbage indie guy on the show. And AEW speaking out would just be getting down in the muck with the worlds greatest mud slinger so that's not a good idea. It would be a good idea to just stay above the Jim Cornettes and not give him a spotlight.
  13. joeg

    All Elite Wrestling

    200k would be a huge number. As a reference the last two UFC PPVs have done 100k and 75k on buys. In boxing this year Garcia vs Spence did 360k (a number that sounds like bullshit) and Khan vs Crawford did 150k.
  14. joeg

    AEW Double or Nothing

    So finished watching it earlier today. Overall I really enjoyed the show. My only gripe is that the first half of the show was full of Chikara/GCW level indie guys who look like somebody playing wrestler rather than an actual pro wrestler. The only way that Battle Royale could be less impressive was if they added the Mulkey Brothers. A major wrestling promotion shouldn't have room for some of those people as anything other than enhancement guys. With that said, I thought Stronghearts vs SCU was a fun opener and a great way to kick off the PPV. The next two matches had some moments but were not good. The joshi 6 man was good. Dustin vs Cody was my MOTY. Bucks vs Lucha Bros was solid and Jericho vs Omega was good. So 4 good matches and 1 great match on a 9 match card isn't bad. The thing I liked the most about the show is that they managed to build anticipation for future shows and lay out whats next for all of their top guys. Its refreshing knowing the Bucks are going to wrestle the Rhodes on the next show and that somewhere down the line we will get Jericho vs Page and Omega vs Moxley. All of their top guys are placed in a position where I'd be willing to pay to watch their next match. I can't remember the last time WWE did that.
  15. joeg

    All Elite Wrestling

    As forward thinking as Khan and Cody seem to be I'm surprised they are running with a traditional PPV at traditional PPV prices. I would have thought they'd have gone the avenue of a streaming service ala ESPN plus or DAZN much the way UFC, Bellator, Top Rank, and Golden Boy all have done.