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  1. joeg

    WWE Network... It's Here

    So an extra 5 bucks a month takes out all the commercials that are already on the network or if you don’t pay 5 bucks more you get more commercials?
  2. joeg

    WON HOF 2018

    To me the argument for CIMA getting in is similar to the argument for Ibushi and Hayabusa. Smaller guys who did good business anchoring smaller promotions and the promotions suffered Attendance wise when they left. I don’t think that means they should get in before Akiyama or Taue. Guys who main evented in promotions with network TV and that drew 10s of thousands of fans for big shows. Not to mention all of the big name luchadors, Goldberg who should get in on selling out the Georgia Dome alone, Jarrett, etc.
  3. joeg

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Watched a whole show for the first time this week, Ki vs Fenix was a banger. holy shit.
  4. joeg

    WON HOF 2018

    Yep. Akiyama has been a top 10 worker every year for the past 25 years. He sold out the Tokyo Dome three times in three years despite being the worst booked/ worst promoted champion ever in his home promotion.
  5. how much money did Turner lose when AOL went belly up?
  6. I feel like Janela is entertaining, speaks well, bumps like a madman, and has enough personality that there should be some sort of place for him in WWE. But he is small, out of shape, unathletic, and uncoordinated. If they used managers I think he'd be a great manager for them, other than that maybe an announcer or referee.
  7. joeg

    Current New Japan

    Jericho vs Suzuki brawling at the Dome would be great, although I would like to see Naito get his win back at some point, and what bigger place than the Dome.
  8. joeg

    Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame Polls

    Can somebody explain to me the argument for Fujiwara over Goldberg? I understand that we would all much rather watch a Fujiwara match than a Goldberg match. However one guy is a household name and the other isn't.
  9. joeg

    Is Negro Casas finally washed up?

    I don't think Casas is where he was 6 years ago. When I think of washed up I think of Solar, Fuerza Guerrera, and Octagon. Negro Casas isn't anywhere near there yet, but I do think he's in the sunset of his career. He doesn't move the way he used to, and he certainly seems to be on cruise control a lot these days.
  10. joeg

    Your opinion on Roman Reigns

    No, I don't think turning on Rollins or Ambrose would get heat because nobody gives a shit about Rollins or Ambrose anymore because they've both been presented as just another guy for so long. I do think the comparison to Orton is fair. However I found Orton to be must watch as The Legend Killer and must watch while in Legacy. I don't think I've ever considered anything from Reigns as must watch.
  11. joeg

    Your opinion on Roman Reigns

    I feel like he still could be the top babyface, however it would require a dramatic heel turn (Michaels throwing Jannety through the window level heel turn) followed by a long run as the top heel. After a year or two as the top heel, fans will start cheering him because its just cool to cheer the bad guy then they can turn him babyface again but with the fans behind him. Problem is though that none of the babyfaces other than Daniel Bryan are really that popular. So its hard to run a memorable angle where he turns heel and fucks over a babyface because none of the babyfaces are all that memorable.
  12. So Steve Austin recently said on his podcast that Ricochet was the most athletic, most explosive worker he had ever seen in the ring. It must be true because Stone Cold said so! Right? Anyways since I heard that about a week ago I've been trying to come up with somebody and I've yet to come up with somebody who is positively more athletic than Ricochet. Surely shooters like Lesnar and Angle were more FAR more explosive, but they weren't near as acrobatic as Ricochet. I don't think I've seen anybody jump the RVD could, but at times it seemed he lacked coordination and therefor wasn't always the most graceful. Thoughts?
  13. I hated everything about this match. It was 30 minutes of two guys doing cool moves without any real story. They worked the match as if Scurll was on the same level as Okada which boggles my mind and completely took me out of it. The match was just completely illogical and made no sense. Anyways, the only match on the show I didn't like everything else was 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 stars.
  14. joeg

    Your opinion on Roman Reigns

    The thing about Reigns though is fans turned on Reigns within two months after he got a main event push. Fans turning on Hogan in the mid 90s, or Bret in 96, or Rock in 2003, or Cena in 2011, that came after they had spent years on top, had gotten stale or were on their way out, and is to be expected. A guy has a good showing at the Royal Rumble in 2014, turns face in fall 2014 and is instantly one of the hottest babyfaces and by Royal Rumble 2015 is being booed out of the building. Something is wrong there.
  15. joeg

    Your opinion on Roman Reigns

    Great worker. Probably one of the 3 or 4 best workers in WWE right now. He can work from on top, he can fight back from underneath and gather sympathy, he's got legit elite athleticism which he translates to the ring, he's got a great look and the sort of size you want from your top guy. With that said, I don't think I've ever seen a top babyface booked as poorly as Reigns ever. I mean ever, in any promotion. He started his title chase without ever really having a proper face turn, and in the middle of Daniel Bryan's feel good first comeback. There was no way the fan's were ever getting behind that. Then he lost to Brock which in an ordinary title chase would unite the fans behind the babyface but by this time the fans just didn't give a fuck. Then they reunited the Shield which was a heel group previous but now was a babyface group for reasons which were unexplained. Then he gets pushed down the card for reasons. Then they split up the Shield reunion which never worked (maybe because they pushed them down the card?) Then he gets pushed back in the main event. Then he wins the title. Then the fans start shitting on him again. Then he loses it a month later in the Royal Rumble for reasons. Then he loses to Lesnar again. Then he finally won the title from HHH, and loses the title a month later. Then he beats the shit out of the Undertaker which makes him look like a total asshole. Then he loses to Lesnar three more times before beating him. Then another Shield reunion for reunion. Part of me thinks their goal with his booking is some sort of meta thing where they are actually trying to get heat on Reigns, but in a nonconvential way so that the fans don't realize that they are really pushing him as the top heel for the next decade. The only two answers are they know exactly what they are doing and are aiming for him being the biggest heel ever or they don't know what they are doing.