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  1. joeg

    Mania Week Insanity 2019

    I was thinking of going, but I'm getting my knee scoped the week before so I'm out. I'll probably cherry pick matches... Matches I'm looking forward to- MiSu vs Barnett - Blood Sport Thatcher vs Hideki Suzuki - Blood Sport Park vs Pentagon MLW Pentagon and Fenix vs RVD and Sabu - Impact Garagano vs Cole NXT Dunne vs Walter NXT Whatever Onita is doing The IWGP title match IWGP Jr title match Park vs Masato Tanaka Becky vs Rousy vs Charlotte Flair
  2. With Park and Onita in New York at the same time for Wrestlemania weekend, I'm surprised nobody's booked that match...
  3. Wow that was really different. A lot of fun. I really dug Blanchard's stooging in the MUGA setting.
  4. joeg

    Current Lucha Talk

    There is a certain charm to Vampiro's incoherence.
  5. joeg

    Current Lucha Talk

    So I saw bits and pieces of the show. Saw most of the Rey de Reys match and all of the main event. Seemed like a fun show, but not necessarily a good show. I'd definately say it was better than the Spence vs Garcia fight which was neither good nor fun and had even more technical issues than the AAA stream.
  6. joeg

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    Man the All Japan classics facebook page is amazing. It uploads two or three matches every day, half of which I've never seen and didn't even know existed. Its far more extensive than ditch's archive or the AJPW google drive.
  7. joeg

    Your Current Fav Five

    Favorite active wrestlers at this moment... LA Park Bryan Rush Becky Okada
  8. joeg

    Current Lucha Talk

    Damn. I'm in Rockville so Bladensburg isn't that much of a hike to go see a show that stacked. If they do anymore I'm definately going.
  9. joeg

    Current Lucha Talk

    Hey what can people tell me about Lucha Libre Mexicana at MXL Night Club in Bladensburg Maryland? I've seen ads on facebook for past shows that have guys like Atlantis, Villano IV, El Mesias, FIshman, etc. listed. Is this for real or false advertising? How often do they run shows?
  10. joeg

    Royal Rumble 2019

    what the fuck is Nakamura wearing? I remember back last time I watched Smackdown several months ago these two were super over... what happened?
  11. joeg

    Trying to get into Lucha (Need help)

    Books I have no idea. As for Big big matches I'd start with MS1 vs Sangre Chicana 2/3 falls Hair vs Hair EMLL 50th Anniversary Show La Pareja del Terror (Eddy Guerrero and Art Barr) vs Octagon and El Hijo del Santo 2/3 falls double hair vs double masks from AAA When World's Collide Negro Casas vs El Hijo del Santo vs El Dandy 2/3 falls Mask vs Hair vs Hair 6/12/96 (has a wonky elimination structure to the match) El Hijo del Santo vs Negro Casas 2/3 falls Mask vs Hair CMLL 64th Anniversary Show Eddy Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr Mask vs Title Halloween Havoc 1997 Atlantis vs Villano III 2/3 falls Mask vs Mask El Juicio Final 2000 LA Park vs El Hijo del Santo Super Libre Rules (which basically means street fight or no holds barred) 12/23/01 LA Park vs Dr. Wagner Jr Super Libre Rules 5/11/13 Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero 2/3 falls Mask vs Mask CMLL 81st Anniversary Atlantis vs La Sombra 2/3 Falls Mask vs Mask CMLL 82nd Anniversary
  12. joeg

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Rush signed a US exclusive deal with ROH, which means Rush vs Park is off for WM weekend.
  13. Rush and Park had a couple of singles matches back in October. Were either of them taped?
  14. joeg

    Secret Santo 2018-2019

  15. I'd like to hear the arguement for Lyger over Kobashi in terms of historical importance.