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  1. @MoS my point is its a bad look. Why have your 3 top heels do something on live TV that they cannot do? It makes them look like nerds, like they have no hand eye coordination or athletic skills. Don't open up your wrestling show by exposing what your top 3 guys can't do- in this case, catch throw and dribble a ball better than a 9 year old girl.
  2. Watching the 10 man tag right now.... You remember those Mr. Perfect vignettes? They left you thinking "that guy can do anything he wants athletically to anybody". The Space Jam tie in had the exact opposite affect. I watched The Young Bucks and Omega trying to dribble a basketball and came away with the conclusion that they probably got stuffed in a locker more than once.
  3. Exactly. Pro wrestlers are playing the part of a professional athlete. If they have a legitimate athletic background and look the part, it makes it easier to buy in and suspend disbelief.
  4. This is true, and it makes me sad. 25 years ago I think there was a huge crossover, but as WWE's fanbase shrinks (and ESPN's fanbase for that matter), the overlap between wrestling fans and sports fans has gone away.
  5. @Hawkeye12 You take all the fun out of making an argument when you go and fact check everything with sportref and wikipedia. I guess I assumed he was all conference his junior year because his production and stats dropped off as a senior, if I recall. Where did you read he had a 6th round ceiling and when was it written?
  6. He didn't just play college football, he was the All-ACC first team, twice. If you watched American sports in the mid 2000s you knew who Joe Anoa'i was. Had it not been for leukemia, he probably would have been a 3rd or 4th round pick and had a decent NFL career. Instead he under performed at the NFL Draft combine and went un-drafted. He was signed by a pro team and released for not passing the physical twice in 6 months. A year later he beat the cancer and had a short career in the CFL. Point is, he wasn't just some guy who played college football, he was one of the best defensive lineman in the country.
  7. I've always thought Cena would have been even more successful as a heel in WWE. If there's one thing I can say about WWE is that for the last 25 years or so they've done much better promoting heels than babyfaces. I also think he had more of a natural heel than a natural babyface. Jim Cornette has made the talking point that had Cena came around 10 years earlier he would have been the top heel in late 90s WWF as opposed to HHH, basically point out that Cena could do everything HHH could do but better. I think that's true.
  8. joeg

    Modern Indie Wrestling

    Watched Cardona vs Gage. For what it is, it was very good, largely due to Cardona generating incredible amounts of heat. With that said its still your typical garbage match, lots of walking around and stalling before somebody gets thrown into something incredibly dangerous, followed by more walking around and stalling. I think the difference here was that while Gage was setting up furniture, Cardona was doing everything he could to draw heat and sell. Cardona's gaga and selling elevated the match past the normal car crash garbage match. It reminded me of when Moxley worked the G1. I was sitting there wondering where was this when he was in WWE? It really makes believe that the over production and over scripting of WWE is deliberately done to keep guys from getting over. Its the only explanation.
  9. joeg

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Went in person last night. Enjoyed the show. Every match fell in that ok to good range. Not a huge crowd because of COVID capacity restrictions but a noisey crowd in the arena. I don't know if how lively the crowd was came across on TV or if TV only picked up the rows of empty seats. Its been probably 6 years since I went to a ROH show in person but it was much like every other ROH show I've been to- good realistic in ring work, logical booking, and busch league production. Every promo on the stage and hype video on the screen got lost as half the crowd couldn't see or hear what was happening on the stage. 11 matches is a lot as well, especially when the under card stuff and promos promoting their next show run long and the co features and main event run short. But its ROH so you kind of expect a poorly produced live show when you go. Bandido getting the win was nice.
  10. joeg

    Fucking great TV matches

    Benoit vs Lesnar December 03
  11. Listening to the Tony Khan episode.... When Khan gets rambling away talking about on his fandom, he definately sounds like somebody popping uppers.
  12. joeg

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Going to Best in The World next Sunday. Excited for some live wrestling for the first time in ages and excited to see Rush vs Bandido
  13. joeg

    Comparing Numbers of Shows Per Era

    @JerryvonKramer a follow up question. So LA, SF, and Detroit were proper territories... how'd their guys make ends meet working only twice or three times a week? If you were working those territories did you also have a day job or were you just hand to mouth? Another question, how did ECW loose 8 million dollars in the years they were running 200 shows? The only way that makes sense is if every show they ever ran operated at a loss and ramping up the schedule in 1999 just increased the losses. But If the company had always been in the red why did they try to expand so aggressively that year and run such a hectic schedule with such a thin talent roster? No wonder they went under.
  14. joeg

    WWE TV 6/28-7/4 Euro 2020 is pro wrestling

    I tried. I really did. I flipped to Raw during a time out of the Suns vs Clippers game. They were recapping what had happened in previous weeks on Raw with a clip of Matt Riddle riding his scooter to the ring and chasing the Miz around the ring in a wheelchair. It was so bad. I watched through the horrendous Johnny Nitro/Miz/Richochet segement and gave up. I'll try WWE again after the NBA is over. Its mind boggling how bad the 10 to 15 minutes that I watched were, it almost seemed intentional. It feels like they are intentionally trying to make their talent look foolish and prevent them from getting over.
  15. joeg

    Comparing Numbers of Shows Per Era

    So were towns like San Francisco, St. Louis, LA, Toronto, and Detroit each their own independent territory like Memphis? Or were they more like Houston where it was a regular spot show featuring talent and feuds from nearby territories?