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  1. joeg

    AEW Rampage - Holiday Bash - December 25, 2021

    @strobogo Its not just his physical appearance which is youthful, its the way he carries himself, the way he moves, his body language, and the way he works. He looks and moves like a d1 athlete. He moves like somebody who could handle themselves. If you really think his youthful face makes him look less credible, I don't know what to tell you.
  2. joeg

    AEW Rampage - Holiday Bash - December 25, 2021

    Hook has everything I want from a young wrestler. He's a legit athlete who looks and moves like an athlete. He has a natural charisma, an aura if you will. He carries himself and works in a way that makes it believable that he could fuck somebody's day up. That's all I want from new guys. 1- be an actual athlete, 2- have some personality, and 3- carry it like its real and you're real. I feel like if you naturally have those things, everything else falls into place with experience. Its such a welcome change from all of these young guys who look like middle schoolers and work like its an obvious work.
  3. Which Michinoku Pro, Toryumon, Osaka Pro, Dragon Gate, etc. guys are you all considering for your list?
  4. joeg


    Dick Togo, Taka Michinoku and The Great Sasuke deserve a mention. 1997 was the year the Michinoku Pro guys took their act on the road. They had standout matches in ECW, NJPW, WWF, BattlArts, FMW, etc.
  5. joeg

    AEW Dynamite - November 17, 2021

    10 years ago who would have imagined Fire Ant would team with Tomohiro Ishii against Pepper Parks and the guitarist from Every Time I Die on major national TV
  6. joeg

    AEW Full Gear - Nov 13 2021

    finally got it ordered
  7. joeg

    AEW Full Gear - Nov 13 2021

    B/R is a pain in the ass.... the log in I used for the last PPV is now inactive and its not allowing me to sign up, fuck it I guess I'm watching basketball tonight
  8. joeg

    All Elite Wrestling

    @MoS Khan frequently comes off as arrogant and defensive when hit with tough questions in interviews, I don't know why there isn't somebody telling him to not do interviews. @C.S. I think the coke/ stimulant speculation with Khan comes from the way he talks. When he gets excited about something (i.e. talking about Dibiase in Mid Sout) his speech speeds up and he sounds almost manic. Like somebody on coke or another stimulant. When asked about something he doesn't want to answer, his tempo changes on a dime and he becomes hostile and petulant. Again like somebody on coke or other stimulants. I made a similar comment before just speculating based on his appearance on the Way of the Blade podcasts.
  9. joeg

    Current Lucha Talk

    I'm super hyped for the upcoming Triplemania show, absolutely stacked card.
  10. joeg

    AEW Dynamite - November 10, 2021

    @Timbo Slice I never thought of it like that before but I think you're absolutely right.
  11. @sek69 Yeah, I was just curious if the angle they on the Arsenio show in February was supposed to actually lead to something and if that something was scrapped because of Tyson's arrest and/or Hogan leaving. And what effect if any it had on Hogan leaving after Mania.
  12. Was there any plan for Hulk Hogan and Mike Tyson following WM8? Or was Hogan's confrontation with Tyson on Arsenio just a one off thing?
  13. joeg

    AEW Dynamite - November 10, 2021

    I think you just proved my point about the melodrama. The storyline largely revolves around Hangman's personal growth. A character study about a a problem drinker's personal and professional growth in face of fatherhood sounds like the plot of a contender for the Palm D'Or or Golden Lion, not a wrestling match blowing off a 2 year title chase and blood feud.
  14. joeg

    AEW Dynamite - November 10, 2021

    @MoS I feel like you are the easiest person on this board to please. You like everything! I hate almost every angle the BTE guys run, its the same type of over the top melodrama or silly comedy that turned me off WWE years ago. The angle two weeks ago on Halloween fit the bill of silly comedy I don't like. The show last night fit the bill of over the top melodrama that I don't like. These are grown fucking men not little girls. One was betrayed by the other. For two years now we've been waiting for Omega to get what he has coming to him and for Hangman to get what he rightfully deserves. Last night and the previous weeks as well have done a very poor job of convincing me to spend $50 to see the culmination of this storyline. But I'm still following, even if disatisfied. Its not like WWE where I've kinda just said fuck it. Its so different than the Kingston vs Punk story line, which felt like a realistic escalation. Kingston being a crazy hot head, blows up at the first person he sees after a loss. Anybody who played sports growing up has seen somebody blow their shit after a bad loss. It happens. Punk takes it personally and demands an apology. Anybody who has ever had somebody above them in the social order demand an apology knows how infurating it can be. Its the most bullshit power move there is. Kingston being the crazy hot head he is, refuses to apologize. Punk criticizes Kingston's abilities and character, making this personal. Kingston responds by attacking Punk's character. Now there is trouble in Dodge. Punk headbuts Kingston and we now have a hot match at the PPV. At no point did we get into people's feelings, insecurities or emotional growth. No now we have grown men fighting each other. The way wrestling should be.
  15. joeg

    AEW Dynamite - November 10, 2021

    @Dav'oh @DMJ Absolutely. I say it almost every week, Eddie Kingston is the most relatable man in wrestling. Everybody knows an Eddie Kingston. Go to any dive bar, any union hall, and blue collar joint, and you will find an Eddie Kingston. I grew up with more than a few Eddie Kingston's