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  1. joeg

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I don't think its too much to say a journalist shouldn't awkwardly publicly comment about a woman's fake breasts, her weight or her attractiveness (whichever weird point Meltzer was cryptically trying to make). In the scheme of things you are right its not criminal like many of the things that have on in wrestling, its just weird and inappropriate.
  2. joeg

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I honestly think the guy may be on the spectrum. He never seems to say anything bad or malicious, but he constantly says awkward things in a public forum that really should really only be said in private if at all.
  3. joeg

    Current New Japan

    Odds of a title change at the MSG show?
  4. I'd say that I'd have NXT's weekly TV show right now in my top 5 weekly wrestling shows. I'd put NJPW on AXS and CMLL's Friday night stream in the top 10. I don't think one could argue NJPW is having its best run, 96 at the height of UWFi invasion was better. As was 83 at the height of Tiger Mask's popularity and the peak of the Choshu Fujinami feud. As while I'm not the person to ask about lucha, I'm sure CMLL at the height of Santo vs Casas in 96/97 was better than it is now. The main difference is that currently its more accessible to watch much of the great stuff from the 90s than it was in the 90s. For a large chunk of the 90s WWF and WCW were pretty dreadful. And that was all we had access to.
  5. joeg

    RIP Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

    WWE sent out an anouncement on their app about 20 minutes ago. Any word on cause?
  6. Just saw that on my phone after I posted.... makes it 6 deaths in as many weeks. Awful.
  7. This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I feel like we are living in a golden age for wrestling fans. Thanks in large part to technology and just the way the business has gone there is more wrestling available to us as a lower price point than ever before. In a given week, I'm able to watch weekly television from WWE, NXT, NJPW, ROH, CWF, OVW, MLW, CMLL, AAA, Lucha Underground, IWRG, and Impact. We are able to follow the G1 Climax and the Rush vs Park feud in real time. That is every single week, without trading for tapes or DVDs. When I was 13 years old ECW Hardcore TV and NWA Wildside got picked up in my area, I thought I'd hit the holy grail. Back when I really got into wrestling in the late 90s, early 2000s, it was an expensive hobby that involved mailing fuzzy VHS tapes back and forth and spending a great deal of time and money to get what is now available to us for free in most cases or for $10 a month in others. Every major Japanese show back then I saw 3 to 6 months after it happened. I've talked with people a generation older than I am about being a fan in the late 70s/ early 80s. Their wrestling viewing was limited to however far the rabbit ears on their television could receive a signal. Even if you aren't a fan of the modern style, it is easier now to watch wrestling from the 70s and 80s than it was back in the 70s and 80s. Anyways thats my soapbox for the day.
  8. Is this why they've only had him working house shows and no TV or PPVs for the past 3 months?
  9. joeg

    The 10,000 person crowd

    They could have done a blow off to the whole Bullet Club melodrama instead of having everybody kiss and make up. That would be a big deal that I would pay money to see. They could have done an IWGP title defense or an IWGP tag title match against a big name challenger. That is something I'd pay to see. What it really feels like to me is a PWG All Star Weekend type uppercard with a ROH house show type lower card.
  10. joeg

    The 10,000 person crowd

    That is a really disappointing card. There have probably been 15 shows in the past week with stronger cards than this.
  11. Jesus this weekend had a lot going on down in Mexico. Negro's 40th Anniversary show was amazing. Toxin vs Fly Star was amazing (I'll review that later). And then there was Crash on Friday and like 5 other indies on Saturday that put on banger shows I still have to watch.
  12. I assumed Rush's hair would be in line with Sombra's mask or Volador Jr's mask. I had heard they each got around 30k. What is the formula for determining how much a mask or hair is worth?
  13. The question is who can give Park more for his Mask? With what tickets are priced at the anniversary show I’d think AAA would be able to give more. It’s a bigger arena and tickets are priced higher. His mask probably goes for 200k +. Can CMLL afford that if they are bringing in a 700k gate for the anniversary show? How much is Rush’s hair? Probably 30k, maybe less? With those ticket prices would Rush be losing his hair instead?
  14. joeg

    Aro Lucha - Fan Owned Lucha company

    So Aro Lucha managed to raise over $500,000 in the first round of funding from 335 people. It has no distribution deal, no advertising sponsors, only one wrestler under contract, and no live dates scheduled. It sounds about as good of an investment idea as the guy on Mad Men who sunk all his inheritance into Jai alai.
  15. I don't find the WWE to be as completely immoral as you guys seem to think they are. I just think that like any major corporation or professional sports league they are completely and totally amoral. If changing attitudes about women in sports mean that there's potential for women to draw money in the US, then they promote women's wrestling as a main event attraction because it makes money. If an oppressive Middle Eastern monarchy offers them a lot of money for a series of shows, then they do the shows because it makes money. I'm totally fine with that. What I have a tough time with is how on a regular basis something happens in WWE or on WWE TV and it is incredibly counter productive to them making money.