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[1983-12-16-Houston Wrestling] Junkyard Dog vs Nikolai Volkoff


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Man is Volkoff carrying some heat here. They're pelting him with trash. Booing him out of the building as he sings the Russian National Anthem. You see Boesch talking to the ring announcer. Then we get the everyone to their seats. Right off the bat we get this really spirited brawl between the 2. JYD starts to work the arm. His work on it is really fun. He uses hammer locks, works it into the ropes. He's punching the arm, using headbutts on it. Volkoff is putting all this over huge. The crowd of course is all behind JYD. Volkoff with an eye rake and start's getting heat. His work on top isn't that interesting, but the crowd heat totally makes up for it. We get this big bump where the ref goes to the floor, and so does Nikolai. Back in while the ref is distracted, Volkoff posts JYD. He's busted open and barely makes it in. A big stomp to the back of the head, and a press slam that was a bit sloppy gets the pin for Volkoff. The crowd wants Volkoff's blood at that finish. 3 1/4*

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