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My trip to the Pro Wrestling HOF in Wichita Falls


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This was a really great time. On Thursday I visited the museum which is such a joy to walk through. George Napalitano was there at the same time I was and was giving background on his pictures that are being used.


Thursday evening they had a show with Len Denton telling stories and a q&a with Tiger Conway Jr, Eddie Mansfield, Susan Green, and Ross Hart. This was a total blast . All the wrestlers there were great at taking pictures, and interacting with people. It was announced that they were going to start working on the 3rd floor called the dungeon with it being dedicated to the Hart Family.


Friday the outdoor show had to be moved indoors because of weather . Even with the weather it drew around 400-500 people. A really fun experience. A total old school crowd feel. It honestly felt like an 80's spot show.


Saturday morning was the trade show and meet and greet. Mick Foley was there with his old tag partner Gary Young. Fujinami was there and was super easy to approach. Larry Hennig looking great by the way.. Tiger Conway Jr, Ross Hart, Len Denton, Eddie Mansfield, Susan Green, family members of Sputnik Monroe, Luther Lindsay, and Yvonn Robert, Wendi Richter , George Napalitano and a host of others.


The evening was the awards banquet . Mick's speech was the ABC's of his career. Larry Hennig sang a little. Fujinami' wife looked great wearing traditional Japanese garb. At the end all the HOFers got their picture taken with cowboy hats holding the HOF belt that was auctioned off and garnered around 2,700 dollars.


The whole trip was great. So much knowledge and history about the territories to absorb. You had tons of old time refs, and wrestlers around. Terry Gordy's widow, to the lady who was the Freebirds handler in Dallas to hear stories from. Every one was welcoming and was open about talking about stuff from back in the day. You could really feel a lot of love, respect and pride about the business that is wrestling.

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