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  1. victory

    Most Athletic Wrestler Ever

    Football players like Simmons, Goldberg, Pillman, Lex, Duggan, Vader and Mongo were all great athletes. As they had to be to make it as far as they did in football. In some cases that athleticism didn’t translate to being great wrestlers. It’s not always about being aerial either. I like the posters that mentioned Doug Furnas. He definitely has to be among the top of the list.
  2. victory

    Goodhelmet's Wrestling Weekend

    This should be an awesome thread. Those pics are great.
  3. victory

    World Class Championship Wrestling on the Network

    Yes, the weekly Sportatorium show started airing here in Chicago around September 83. It was such a drastic change from growing up on the AWA that I was immediately hooked on it. Still my favorite territory to revisit. The oddest part to me was they never had single card here. They really missed the boat on that. Kerry didn’t even come here until the AWA Superclash 85 show. Him and LOD were probably the biggest pops of the night.
  4. victory

    RIP Vader

    Definitely sad to hear. He's part of my favorite trilogy of matches with Sting. I just love those matches at Bash 92, Starrcade 92 and Superbrawl 3. Just so fun to watch. RIP
  5. victory

    The big announcement

    Definitely sounds exciting. I hope all goes well, as you've always shown such a passion for wrestling that I've found inspiring.
  6. victory

    WWE Hidden Gems

    That Steiners one would definitely be awesome to see. I'm a sucker for anything in Chicago. I missed that one and still regret it.
  7. victory

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Absolutely, I watched it yesterday and after Jericho's description of it in his book I was expecting a trainwreck but it was far from it. Hell there are spots in that famous ECW TV title 4 way that Jericho blew worse than in this RVD match. It wasn't a classic by any means but there were some cool spots executed well there, I agree the crowd really were just being dicks and overly critical which with all the praise the ECW fans get romanticized with today this is a prime example of how prickish of a crowd they were at times. Pretty much my sentiments. The crowd was so harsh on it, that it made the match seem much worse than it was. Decent match and enjoyable to see both guys at that stage or their careers. I also watched the Eddie and Liger match from WCW Main Event. The crowd doesn't crap on it, they just don't respond to anything. The crowd noise that is audible appears to be canned. Fun match overall. Sometimes I don't realize how much a crowd can take me out of a match.
  8. victory

    The 10,000 person crowd

    AAW is already running and there is the Starrcast event that All In is putting on, with a bunch of podcasts/convention type stuff. This is almost sold out at as well. I bought a ticket last night. I don't care about the podcasts, but I'm a wrestling merch collector and there will be a lot of vendors and autograph meet and greets. Should be fun.
  9. victory

    What do you consider to be your promotion

    The AWA for me when I started watching in 82 I would consider my home promotion. The issue is everything I started watching after I liked better. First World Class in 83, then WWF in 84, then JCP in 85, etc. I'll always consider myself an AWA fan, just ended up liking the presentation better in a lot of other territories as I progressed in my fandom.
  10. victory

    The 10,000 person crowd

    I tried getting them and after 47 minutes or so just gave up. Kept telling me none were available at all the prices I was picking. I figured something must be not working with the site. I guess it was legit. Crazy that they sold out that quick. I know those ticket brokers got a bunch, but I'm not going to pay those prices. I figured it would a fun show to bring my 12 year old twins to, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.
  11. victory

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Yeah that was the only one I could think of off the top of my head as well. Obviously there are plenty of tags with Valentine. His weaknesses are hidden in those matches and he's definitely acceptable.
  12. victory

    RIP Bruno Sammartino

    Definitely shocking when I read about his passing today. He always seemed like a guy that would live to a 100 as he was always in great shape at any age. Loved hearing him tell his amazing story. The epitome of the American dream and a man that will be truly missed. RIP Bruno.
  13. victory

    Andre The Giant HBO doc

    I thought it was good. The biggest surprise to me was how good Hulk came across. Usually he makes me roll my eyes. This time he seemed more genuine. His Savage and Andre impersonations were definitely a highlight.
  14. victory

    NXT Takeover: New Orleans

    I really enjoyed the show overall. The ladder match was fun. For me the novelty of those has run off a long time ago. Still and enjoyable opener. Dream and Ricochet just have some crazy athleticism. Women's match was good. I like Moon, not sure where the dislike for her comes from. The shoulder/arm selling by Shayna was great. Love that kind of stuff. The tag match was just okay. I like more traditional tag team matches so that really wasn't my thing. The Almas vs Black match was great. Really loved that finish. Clever spots like that is what makes me still love wrestling. That Gargano vs Ciampa match had everything you want in a feud. You could just feel the hatred and desperation there. Great stuff. Another clever finish as well. Ciampa getting that swollen eye made that last sequence even better unintentionally, as you almost felt for him like Gargano did for a bit there. Really great match that made you walk away excited for what pro wrestling is.
  15. victory

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    What he said. It's absolutely fantastic. I don't know where it would rank in my all-time list, but it's easily one of the best wrestling books I've read in years. BTW, it's free with Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe to that. Otherwise, you can buy the paper book on Amazon and get the Kindle version for $1.99 afterward (through Kindle Matchbook - I suggested it on another board and was happy to see the author take me up on it). Thanks guys. I'm definitely going to pick it up now.