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[2017-05-22-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] ACH vs Tiger Mask


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Boy Tiger Mask looks old in the...mask err face, but another good performance here, but the real star was ACH. All his flips and dives were on point (when did he start cribbing Lethal's three dives through the middle rope?), but the match morphs into Tiger Mask working over his back and ACH selling really well. Tiger Driver gets a nice two count. ACH is not able to get TM up for a suplex and his exaggerated grimace (and holding his back) instantly connects with the crowd, who gets louder and louder at each one he just can't quite muster it. ACH turns to kicks to compensate and when it finally looks like he's going to power him up for the payoff, TM works him into a rollup for the win. This was surprisingly really good ***1/2

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