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[2017-05-31-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] Jushin Liger vs Taichi


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This is it - Jushin Thunder Liger's last ever BOSJ match. I actually was really rooting for him to win the whole thing because I feel like him vs. Hiromu II at Dominion would've been absolutely incredible. But it is what it is, they made Liger lose every match in the tournament leading up to this one - and while I initially didn't agree w/ that decision, I gotta say that this match made up for it. You got the most hated, the most annoying, the slimy ol' Taichi going against the man here. Right from the get go as Liger is making his entrance, the Suzuki-gun jumps him - Taichi talks some trash & that leads to him working the heat big time on Liger. He does it so in the most dickish, heelish fashion ever & it's just fucking awesome. Kicking Liger in the head, ripping his mask, cutting his gear w/ scissors. Finally when Despy & Kanemaru get involved again out comes KUSHIDA & Taguchi who take care of them, which leads to Liger, with his gear destroyed & all making a super comeback - emotions were running wild during that one and I got them goosebumps watching him hit Taichi with his signature stuff, just completely destroying the dick that almost ruined his last ever BOSJ match. This was wonderful pro wrestling. Liger is the best. ****1/2

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Liger is just ageless. His selling is still world class, he did a great job building sympathy for himself and added neat little touches (falling off the top rope because the mask ripping disoriented him or falling backwards to emphasize how strong his powerbomb was). Not a fan of the ref bumps and constant interference trend that has invaded NJPW but it worked really well here as whenever Liger built up some momentum, Suzuki-gun would just cheapshot him or Taichi would simply attack the referee/s and instantly curb it. Taichi's arrogance and all his heelish antics were awesome. My MOTY at this point. ****

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