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[1986-01-31-Houston Wrestling] Chavo Guerrero vs Steve Keirn (Loser Painted Yellow)


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This is the loser gets painted yellow. I love stips like these.Fists flying early. Chavo winning both punch exchanges. Chavo working the leg early. Loved the hamstring kicks into an Indian Death Lock. Keirn makes the ropes. Chavo continuing his shine gives a knee to the back. Keirn with an eye rake to set up his heat. Keirn biting the forehead opening up a cut. Now Keirn is punching the cut. Bootscraping it for good measure. Chavo fighting back. Like the revenge spot of trying to bust open Keirn. A Bret Hart turnbuckle bump into a Chavo German suplex for the win. Fabs attack Chavo postmatch and cover him in yellow. I loved the angle. The match was a tad more technical than it should have been. Still had a good match. 3*

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