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[2017-05-31-Lucha Underground-TV] Johnny Mundo vs The Mack (All Night Long)


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LU is back with a bang - just when I thought the hype behind the company is dead, they return with a match like this. One of the best matches the company has put on so far. Much like in the first All Night Long match (vs. Prince Puma), this was a total Johnny Mundo show - he is absolutely amazing in his role. Loved him dominating the early stages of the match, that made him super confident & cocky, so when Mack started to muster those offensive flurries in - even getting a one fall in, he started to show great desperation & then he brilliantly fakes an injury. Classic heel spot. The stuff w/ all the interferences was done super well. The drama in the final moments w/ Willie busting out that huge dive from the ladder, only for the time to run out was pretty great. Terrific stuff all around - amazing character performance from Mundo & Mack was there with him all the way through w/ his great facial expressions & strong offense. ****1/2

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