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[2001-07-03-ARSION] Lioness Asuka vs Mariko Yoshida


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Lioness Asuka enters. Her License Number is 100! Yoshida is unimpressed and brings the fight right to the legend. Man, this dark looking Asuka is so different from the 80s Crush Gal. It's like some 80s pop star reinventing himself into a dark goth guy. I'd say this was a pretty good Yoshida signature match. Asuka gives an uncooperative & dangerous vibe so is a good match up for Yoshida's style. Altough she brought her own signature table to the match and tried some ECW shit that kind gave me a bad feel about her. Still Yoshida was a total trooper here taking a bunch of cringeworthy stiff shots from Asuka and working good submission nearfalls. Altough it is becoming noticable that move overkill is getting really out of hand in ARSION, seems the promotion is in it's death spiral, altough I'll see where it goes.

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This is all good. Mariko wrestles, Lioness wrestles. Mariko strikes, Lioness strikes. I couldn't ask for anything more. A perfect mix of wrestling & gimmick spots with superb execution. A match with fantastic build that led to logical submission and pinfall attempts. This really looked like 2 champs battling. This was great!

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  • GSR changed the title to [2001-07-03-ARSION] Lioness Asuka vs Mariko Yoshida
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