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[2005-01-16-TNA-Final Resolution] A.J. Styles vs Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams (Ultimate X)

Vinnie B

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I was expecting this to be replete with overly convoluted and choreographed sequences. Whilst there were a few, by 2017 standards they were very basic, and they spent a good portion of the time wrestling a standard match, which is definitely to this matches' advantage. A few cool spots, with AJ's massive flipping back bump being the best. Terrible finish, as Williams and Sabin have a tug of war with the belt at the top of the structure, only for AJ to springboard in a steal it away, but drops it mid-air and therefore just knocking it on the ground.


All around, a a good match showing the range of what these guys can do. Also I forgot how much I loved AJ's theme when I was 12. Like said theme, I would probably have enjoyed this match more in 2005 but it holds up pretty well. *** 3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2005-01-16-TNA-Final Resolution] A.J. Styles vs Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams (Ultimate X)
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I reviewed a ton of AJ Styles matches long before this match database existed. I am going to finally copy & paste them.

Final Resolution 2005: X-Division Champion Petey Williams vs Chris Sabin vs AJ Styles in an Ultimate X Match I watched this match because it made someone's Top Ten TNA matches and I have no idea what that guy was smoking. This is a fun spot exhibition, but it is nowhere near the best match of a promotion. What I like about above average matches is that certain things become pronounced. One of those things is how much better is AJ is at everything than your standard X-Division wrestler. He sells better, he punches better, he bumps better, he makes everything you watch count. From the iconic flip bump off the turnbuckle to actually selling his hand during the match, AJ totally outclassed these guys.

[I didnt seem to like this one too much did I?]


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I was 12 years old when I was channel surfing and I can across this match on the short-lived Wrestling Channel. This was the first TNA show I had seen and I was intrigued by the match type and I was later blown away by the spots these three would come up with. 12 year old me thought this was the best match he'd ever seen. Watching this back for the first time in over 15 years, I can say that this doesn't hold up despite this still being a fun spotfest with a unique gimmick attached to it. AJ Styles is so ahead of his opponents here, with him showing off his excellent selling when he gets his arm caught in Ultimate X structure. There are certainly some awkward moments here such as Styles and Sabin having to act dead as they spend forever getting Scott D'Amore out of the ringside area and there's a botch that sees AJ completely miss Petey when he's trying to knock him off the top of the structure. I did enjoy the creativity of the finish, which sees AJ springboard and steal the title from Sabin and Petey, who were having a tug of war over the belt. ★★★½

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