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[1986-07-11-Houston Wrestling] Terry Taylor vs Buddy Roberts


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These guys have a history of good matches. Roberts eats a punch and immediately takes a powder. Some back and forth. Roberts ties Taylor in the ropes and is beating on him. A kick by Taylor causes some seperation. In a nice revenge spot Taylor does the same to Roberts. I thought he could have milked the revenge for a bit longer. As the ref unties Roberts, Taylor goes for a cross body. He misses Roberts and hits the rope. This sets up Robert's heat. He's taking his time, measuring his shots. Crowd tries to rally Taylor. Roberts goes to the top without causing enough damage. Taylor catches him, and makes a comeback. He has a decent one for a bit, Roberts cuts him off only for him to mess up. Then it breaks down and it's the Freebirds battling Taylor/Watts/ and Chavo. 2/12*


A fight ensues and it's 3 on 3. It settles down into a match. Gordy bumping big early. Hayes and Taylor are at it. Gordy in to inflict some pain. Roberts is continuing the beatdown. Hayes is in and the crowd is rallying behind Taylor. He's been a solid FIP. Hayes eats a boot and we get a hot tag the ref doesn't see. So it breaks down into a free for all. Watts hits Taylor by mistake. Gordy and Hayes try to injure Watts, and they misfire. Match is thrown out as Watts is dropping people with brass knucks. A super heated affair. Gordy is all bloody post match. 3 1/2*

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