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[1986-07-11-Houston Wrestling] Sting vs Jeff Gaylord


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86 was the year Watts was starting to begin to think Sting had potential. He held the tag belts, he wrestled Watts in a singles, worked a 15 minute match with Taylor, did a lot of 20 plus minute matches vs the Fantastics, and now he has 26 minutes with another young wrestler. Sting here is a lot like Batista. It took both guys time in the ring to develop. For Sting it was Eddie Gilbert, Watts, and Flair to believe in him. For Batista it HHH and Vince. Most importantly both guys were protected in tags surrounded by good workers, and given time to grow.


21 minutes sounds scary as hell here. Gilbert getting heat right off the bat. It's funny watchling this knowing 5 years from now someone paid Gaylord to attack Gilbert. We get some strength spots early. Hair pull by Sting gets heat. Gilbert is great engaging the crowd at ringside. We get another test of strength and Gaylord works the arm. Crowd is into it. This is basic stuff. Gaylord with a hammerlock. I did like the snapmare Sting did, but even better was Gaylord holding onto the hammerlock. Gilbert is the key working the ringside fans. A knee to Gaylord's stomach sets up Sting's heat. Which is a chin lock. Clothesline by Sting, followed up by an elbow to the throat, and back to the chin lock. Sting with a miss and Gaylord attacks with some ugly offense. Sting back in control. Him and Eddie misfire, but recover and cheat some more for the win. 1 1/2*.

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