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I've caught a few of there shows now, and I want to like them, but they have some issues.


Firstly, the announce team is terrible. Just dull and not at all fun to listen too.


Second of all, they suffer from early ROH syndrome and need to learn to time the fucking shows. This show is currently about to hit the 5 hour mark and they haven't even made it to the main event yet. No show needs to be this long. You don't need to have 15 matches, and John Morrison vs Luchasaurus (among other matches) certainly didn't need to go over 10 minutes.


On the plus side, the company brings in a ton of fun talent, but instead of bringing in 50 fucking people for 15 matches, save yourself some money and have a more streamlined show.

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Totally agree. Though I think the announce team has improved a ton since they got rid of Kevin Gill. Another problem is consistency with the acts. As in sometimes they're heels, sometimes they're babyfaces. So last night we got the last 2 matches times were cut, along with the women's title match. On top of it some of the undercard ran long.

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