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[1982-06-08-AJPW] Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne vs Ricky Steamboat & Atsushi Onita

paul sosnowski

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AWA Tag Titles are on the line, one fall match! Ricky Steamboat in the AWA, woohoo!!


This is the first time I am seeing young Onita, pre-deathmatches. Greg and Onita start, Greg takes him down with a headlock into an armbar. Onita gets the rope break. Brunzell tags in, continues to work the arm. Tag to Steamboat, this is a treat!!! Steamboat and Brunzell test of strength, Brunzell breaks it off, armdrags Steamboat, Gagne tags in with an elbowdrop off the top onto Steamer's arm. Steamboat and Greg run and criss cross. Onita tags in comes off the top rope and superkicks Greg!!! Brunzell hits Onita with a high and perfect dropkick. Brunzell sunset flips Steamboat, but only get a one count. Steamboat slows him down with a headlock on the mat. Greg misses a dropkick. Onita tags in with a wicked running clothesline that takes Brunzell's head off!!! He follows up with a flying bodypress off the top rope. Brunzell and Gagne make some quick tags, working over Onita's leg, Greg hits a flying kneedrop off the top. He then does the Terry Funk, falling backwards, indian deathlock. Onita rolls outside for a break before tagging Steamboat. Steamboat hits Greg with the huge running karate chop, which Greg takes an awesome bump. Steamboat with a slam and elbow drop before Brunzell tags in again. Brunzell locks on a figure four, but Onita comes off the top and breaks it up. Big kneelift from Steamboat, he and Onita double chop Brunzell. Onita double underhooks and legdrops Brunzell Steamboat hits a perfect flying bodypress. Gagne tags in and hits a running elbow into the dreaded Gagne sleeper. Onita comes off top again to break it up! Onita gets the abdominal stretch on Greg, who reverses it. Onita dropkicks Gagne over the top rope to the floor, then goes for a huge dive. He totally overshoots, Gagne doesn't catch him and all and I think Onita knocked himself out!!!! This has to be seen to believe it. Brunzell and Steamboat brawl on the outside. Somehow Greg gets Onita back in the ring, but Onita tries to press slam him. Brunzell from the outside grab's Onita's leg and trips him with the heel tactic while Gagne gets the pin at 15:12.


This was a really fun, old school tag match. So good and so simple compared to the usual All Japan tag style. I smiled and enjoyed the hell out of this. 3 and 3/4 ****

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