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[2000-06-05-WWF-Raw] HHH vs The Rock


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HHH tells the regime he doesn’t want anyone out there and then reiterates that with Michael Cole. Cole informs HHH that Hebner is the special guest referee but HHH says that won’t matter. This was a lot better sprint than I expected. These two went after each other right away until the entourage and Kane/Taker made their presence known. A lot of miscommunication occurs with Rock getting chokeslammed and HHH escaping with the victory. I didn’t think this was a great way to build KOTR but I also didn’t think it made HHH look too strong, more that he just slimed away with the title. JR line of the night starting with three #1 contenders and now they were none felt ill advised. I will be interested to hear other opinions as this is kind of a tipping point in HHH’s 2000 overall. *** (5.6)


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Fun match with some really hot nearfalls before all the fuckery comes in. And this feels like a good example of some really effective overbooking. I've been watching so many WCW matches fall to complete shambles with nonsense finishes but this really was an out-of-control scene at the end that truly allowed HHH to escape with the belt while working other main contenders into the main event storyline.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-05-WWF-Raw] HHH vs The Rock

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