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[1990-02-12-FMW-Battle Brave] Sambo Asako vs Lee Gak Soo


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Sambo Asako is NOT the same guy as the AJPW undercarder Asako. Sambo Asako is a fat japanese elvis looking dude who in fact wrestles like a Sambo guy, and looks like he should be the stuff of legends.


Lee Gak Soo is a korean karate guy in a red suit who does amusing high pitched yelling. So this is the most Hong Kong pro wrestling match ever.


Asako was a total revelation here. This is a rounds match mostly built around Lee demolishing Asako with kicks and punches. Despite from what you heard about japanese and koreans, the crowd is behind Lee. Asako throws HUGE suplexes and does Volk Han-like leg locks on the ground.


But most of the match is Lee Gak Soo kicking Sambo in the head. Sambo is really amazing at eating the fuck out of Lee's kicks, just sticking his face out the whole time, does the "I got caught in the eye" sell, staggering backwards to set himself up for Lee's running dropkicks etc.


Sambo works some really good near KO and near submission spots, and earns your respect by blocking Lee's bullshit kicks with his face like only a truely insane brave wrestling hero would. So, surrealism, sleaze, brutality and fat japanese elvis Volk Han-factor combined this match was pretty gold.


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This was surprisingly good considering neither guy has much pro wrestling experience and this is the early days of FMW mishmash filler. I really wish Lee Gak Soo would have caught on somewhere. He's really fun and charismatic. I could see him carving a niche for himself as a borderline unintentional comedy act with just enough of a violent streak to give him some credibility. Sort of like a lot of the michinoku pro guys

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-02-12-FMW-Battle Brave] Sambo Asako vs Lee Gak Soo

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