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  1. DR Ackermann

    Jose Lothario

    I hate the expression, "(so-and-so) is a revelation", that you see overused any time an actor throws out a solid to good performance. But that's the feeling I got from Lothario when the Houston footage dropped. I may have overrated him at 50, but maybe I didn't.
  2. DR Ackermann

    Genichiro Tenryu

  3. DR Ackermann

    Randy Savage

    That's true about Coppola though But that's my point when comparing the Greatest Wrestlers Ever. I have to look at both the positive and negative to separate number 1 from 100 and Savage is a guy that I see much closer to the latter and I feel like he gets by too much on nostalgia.
  4. DR Ackermann

    Randy Savage

    Nah go back and watch Savage matches before you commit to childhood memories. If you still feel that way, you feel that way. But so much of of Savage's WWF run is rote as hell. Outside of the 3-4 famous matches what else is there? I've seen the same tired ass routine matches with the same tired ass finishes too many times. What is Savage's prime? I feel like Savage, probably more than any candidate not named Bret Hart, gets the benefit of the doubt without the the backing. I say this as someone more inclined to rate Savage than Bret, despite having seen more good to great matches from Bret.
  5. DR Ackermann

    Genichiro Tenryu

    Fair enough lol. Although I think Funk would place a high value on a worker making others look good in the ring, which is something Tenryu was elite at.
  6. DR Ackermann

    Genichiro Tenryu

    To be clear, I don't think Tenryu was great either until his mid to late thirties. I'm just saying when he's compared unfavorably to Jumbo for their early career work, he wasn't positioned in the heirarchy to have the same showcase opportunities ie long AWA/NWA world title matches in the first few years of his career like Jumbo. Once in their respective primes there are a lot of great tags/6 mans matches where Jumbo is the third forth or fifth best guy in the match and a lot of nothing singles matches. He tended to coast a lot when he was the veteran/"superior" worker. The first Misawa match is more memorable than great. Whereas once he figured it all out, Tenryu was rarely boring.
  7. DR Ackermann

    Genichiro Tenryu

    His early career is inevitably compared to Jumbo, but consider that Jumbo was immediately in there with the best in the world. The Funks, Bockwinkel, Brisco, Robinson, etc. And those matches were recorded for posterity and positioned as main events. How many matches does Tenryu have at the same point in his career with these guys and how many are on tape? I don't want to shit on Jumbo but how much of his perceived greatness right off the bat is do to push and who he was working with at that time? On the other hand, how many matches does Jumbo have in his prime with lower card or relatively solid at best workers that are as good as the stuff Tenryu has with that sort of opponent? I can't think of a Jumbo match that's better than his opponent. I can think of a lot that were disappointing. And I know the footage is more important than wrestlers' perspectives, but Terry Funk mentions in his book that he always saw Tenryu as the better worker. Who am I to argue with the GOAT?
  8. DR Ackermann

    Charlotte Flair

    I've seen good Charlotte matches followed by matches where she looked completely lost in the ring. Too inconsistent for me to give serious consideration at this point, especially considering how many of her peers are more deserving and won't necessarily make my list. You could name a hundred current workers better than her right now. With that said, she's had some great matches.
  9. DR Ackermann

    2026 Ideas

    Someone who knows more than me should nominate Mayu Iwatani. Admittedly I'm not super familiar with her resume, but in my eyes she's clearly the best worker currently in Stardom and the ace of the promotion.
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  11. What the fuck is this?? Hogans completely unhinged at this point. "I've got a big secret! But I'm not gonna tell you! I know how to get Flair back in the ring so I can take his fake world title!" Why does he care about a fake title belt? I wouldn't be coked out on the beach running around like a giddy kid if someone injured me on purpose like that. Hogan should be focused on getting his revenge. Exactly. This makes zero fucking sense.
  12. Wow. I always liked the Express. I always liked Armstrong and referee Mark Curtis too. Disgusted to see them take part in this racist conspiracy to rob the Gangstas of the title win here. It really is fun to look at the match and the angle from the perspective of New Jack. I mean is he wrong with most of the stuff he's said? Can you blame him? Les Thatcher's commentary and Armstrong and Morton's promo are full of undertones and over explanation that it actually does come off as conspiracy, although I don't think they're trying to go for that.
  13. This is so frustrating. Yeah, the match was good, but in context everything was wrong. First of all, it took them too long to transition to Flairs segment. Hogan is supposed to be in the hospital. When Flair does take control it's not decisive enough. He should have been more vicious and dominant. Their first match was hyped as the two best wrestlers in the world finally matching up, but they never treat Flair like that in the booking. If Flair is that good and can't handle his own against a crippled Hogan even in the slightest then who can??? They had so much to gain by doing things differently than how they had been done for the last 10 years with Hogan. So what if Flair won the title back in the rematch?? Hogan had an excuse and it establishes Flair as his equal. It would be different and fresh. They'rehrowing everything away. Seriously why watch the rest of the movie, the hero is invincible. Inoki and Baba jobbed more than Hogan. Yeah I know he lost, but not really. Not in a way that mattered to the botttom line.
  14. DR Ackermann

    [1996-08-05-WCW-Nitro] Ric Flair vs Booty Man

    Holy crap. Arn is off the charts great here. He's so cerebral and confident and purposeful on the mic. Hogan turning heel has brought out the best in a lot of guy's promos that aren't normally that strong in content or delivery, like Sting and the Nasty Boys. Anderson is probably the best talker in wrestling and delivers an all-time great interview.
  15. DR Ackermann

    RIP Masa Saito

    Saito was one of those guys who could excel at any role. In an era where wrestling was much less homogeneous than it is today Saito was able to adjust his style and get over in regions and promotions where many of his more renowned Japanese contemporaries failed. What made him succeed in the US was different than what madr him succeed in Japan. He was incredibly versatile. Great offense, great selling, great tag wrestler, great stooge and so much more. One of my all time favorites.