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[2000-06-08-WWF-Smackdown] Jeff Hardy vs Chris Benoit


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This starts out right away with Hardy getting a flurry in and hitting the Whisper in the Wind. He wipes out on a 450 and Benoit takes over. Benoit is brutal going after the midsection of Hardy with kicks and slinging him over the top rope. Jeff’s highspots are mixed in well throughout the match and he is able to hit a senton to even things up as we enter the home stretch. Jeff hits his swantom and Benoit is barely able to get his foot on the rope. They do good in putting over that Benoit couldn’t kick out protecting the finish. Benoit viciously reverses a German attempt into the crossface and that is it. Benoit offers a handshake and then pastes Hardy with the IC belt when he accepts. This is my favorite 5 minute match of 2000 so far. *** (6)

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This was good stuff. It's a solid story with Jeff sort of stepping up in class and working with a real sense of urgency while Benoit targets the ribs and works a real nice control section. There are a few crossed up moments in here and you get the sense maybe Jeff wasn't *quite* ready to execute this match at the highest level possible but the basic beats are all there and it's a really good TV match.



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Benoit backs Hardy up against the turnbuckles off the collar and elbow tie up and hammers away on him until he collapses to the mat. He whips Jeff to the opposite corner but he runs up the ropes and hits the ‘whisper in the wind’ to the onrushing ‘Crippler’. Arabian moonsault for two. Jeff goes for the 450 splash however crashes and burns as there is no-one home and Benoit looks to take advantage of his opponent. Face first suplex where he dumps Jeff over the top rope. Hardy just about manages to hold on when going for a headscissors, before countering a powerbomb with a ‘Toyota roll’. A leg lariat sends Benoit to the outside and Jeff follows up with a flip dive over the top rope and out onto him. ‘Swanton bomb’ connects, but they’re too close to the ropes and ‘the Crippler’ is able to get his foot over the bottom one. As both men jockey for position, Benoit powers out of the Northern Lights and takes Jeff down with an armbar, from where he clamps on the crossface for the submission. Post-match he nods his head in approval at Hardy’s effort and offers him his hand, only to KO him with the title belt when his guard is down.


A real good short TV match as Jeff Hardy’s high risk offense battled the calculated ground game of Chris Benoit. Hardy busted out more than usual in this one like the 450 splash, the Arabian moonsault as well as the flip dive to the floor and the ‘Whisper in the Wind’, although he wasn’t perfect, almost losing Benoit on the headscissors while there was also one other odd looking exchange. With the crowd behind him, there are definite hints in this match though at what they would eventually have with Hardy several years down the line.

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