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[2000-06-08-WWF-Smackdown] Matt Hardy vs Eddy Guerrero


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Good night for the Hardy’s as they hang with two of the best. This was a decent enough match but I think in comparison with the Benoit match earlier, its pretty easy to say who the better wrestler is at this moment between Benoit and Guerrero. This seemed more about interesting and flashy spots to fill the time than any sort of narrative. Eddy missed the frog splash but wins on a rana. **

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Different dynamic than the Benoit/Jeff match as both guys are favorites here so Eddy I think does the smart thing and they work a flashier match. The roll-up sequence does not feel obligatory or out of place here and the crowd pleasing spots keep things moving. I also absolutely love the sudden but clean finish with the rana for the pin. This wasn't at the level of Benoit/Jeff but it also wasn't trying to be the same kind of match.



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A ‘King of the Ring’ qualifying match that sees the other Hardy brother take on another former member of the Radicalz. Snap mare takedown and Matt’s got Eddy locked in a hammerlock. He tries to roll his way out of it, but Matt holds on and he remains trapped. Reversal and Hardy just reverses again. With wrestling having no luck, he resorts to a couple of elbows to the face in order to force the escape. Tilt-a-whirl slam by Matt, however Eddy jumps too early when Hardy was supposed to launch him chest first into the air and as a result barely gets a foot off the canvas. Nice counter of the ‘Twist of Fate’ into a backslide for a near fall. A huracanrana for two, and they then run through the Guerrero/Malenko pinfalls and reversals sequence. Eddy with a neckbreaker, but he’s too slow when climbing the turnbuckles and Matt meets him up there. The suicideplex takes it out of both men and when Matt is eventually able to cover Eddy, he’s recovered sufficiently to kick out of the pin. Release Northern Lights suplex by Eddy who gets the win after a leaping rana from the middle.


It’s interesting seeing the Hardy’s go it alone against two such seasoned veterans, and add me to the camp who preferred Jeff’s outing against Benoit. This wasn’t as smooth as that match was and for some reason this just didn’t do much for me. I’m pretty certain that was due to the played out Guerrero/Malenko sequence which I find overly choreographed and unnatural. That botch was also not good. I liked the opening spots around the hammerlock and the ‘Twist of Fate’ counter, but that’s about it.

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