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[2000-06-10-OVW-TV] Rico Constantino & Russ McCullough & Chris Michaels vs Flash Flanagan & Robbie D & Jason Lee


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We get a quick promo from Dutch saying he is going to be the referee. Before the match even begins we have some referee bullshit but they aren’t even the officials for this match. Only Cornette gives a shit about that as he yells and marks out on commentary. A good four minutes of action and holy shit a finish on OVW????? That gets a bump in my book just because of how rare it is. Bolin Services of course both come in and do the beatdown. This shows the contrast in booking and making things count. This brawl isn’t that much different in the ring from the CMLL one I just watched but that one felt so much more organic and rare than this which we saw all the time in OVW with Cornette yelling at the top of his lungs pushing the next big house show. *1/2

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‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantel location interview from Puerto Rico! He’s coming to OVW on 6/23 to be the special referee for a Hardcore title match at the Louisville Gardens between Trailer Park Trash and Flash.


There’s disagreement between the officials over who will referee this one. Robert Brisco ends up decking Phil Fair and those two fight off up the aisle, leaving Nick Dumayer as the man in the middle. Flash jumps Michaels at the bell, although the Light Heavyweight champion’s speed is too much for him to handle at this time. Constantino escapes a Lee wristlock by running up the turnbuckles, back flipping off the top and then arm whipping his way out. Lionsault for two and Lee goes to the throat. He tags in ‘Slick’ Robbie D, but D would rather dance than follow up on his opponent, giving Rico the chance to make the tag to McCullough. Leap frog spot by D on big Russ which allows Cornette the opportunity to talk about his 48” vertical leap. He goes for it a second time, but McCullough catches and then plants him with an almighty sit out powerbomb. His team mates try to help out but they don’t fair well as Russ press slams Jason Lee and throws him at Flash. Spinning back kick by Constantino, however as he runs the ropes Flash hooks his ankle from the outside tripping him up. The heels go to work on Rico and Lee drops an elbow on him for a two count. Flash misses a legdrop off the middle and he makes the hot tag to Michaels. Huge backdrop on D and I like how they changed the camera angle to show the elevation they go on it. Flying back elbow on Lee, but Michaels is caught by ‘the Whipflash’ and McCullough is forced to break up the pin. All six men are now in the ring and Lee and D double team Rico until he’s able to get the upper hand on them. ‘Sudden Impact’ on Robbie D, elbow off the top by Michaels and that’s enough to put him away for the three. Wow, a clean win in OVW! Afterwards Bolin Services (including Mark Henry, The Collector, Rob Conway, Mr Black and more) attack the faces and clear the ring of everyone bar McCullough, putting a beat down on him and preventing anyone else from getting in there to help out.


I had forgotten about all the nonsense with the referees in OVW. Cornette seems much more subdued here than he has done previously which is a huge plus. Add to that a clean finish and perhaps OVW is starting to turn the corner? Constantino again looks like he’s come along ten/fifteen years too late and could easily have been a big star in another era.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-10-OVW-TV] Rico Constantino & Russ McCullough & Chris Michaels vs Flash Flanagan & Robbie D & Jason Lee

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