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[2000-06-10-CZW-Caged to the End] Ric Blade vs Justice Pain (Steel Cage Scaffold)


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We have finally hit Sewell NJ for CZW and have Garguilo and Hitman John House on commentary. Really feels like we are entering the indie era where I jumped on board now. Pain has a Ric Blade sucks led promo and has a super soaker to help cool off the fans. It was funny to see the commentary booth and see that House and Eric had to share one microphone. The cage gets used right away. Both guys scale the scaffold and Blade does a leap frog on the scaffold which was neat. He then botches a DVD but is able to hit it the second time. Pain comes back and hits a brainbuster on top of the scaffold. Both tease dives off the scaffold but hang on. Pain gets a sunset flip from climbing on the cage into the ring to a big pop. That looked really smooth. Once again, its confusing in these matches who the face and who the heel is. Zandig comes out and gets some shots in on Justice Pain. Payback is hell and there is hell in a cell for Justice Pain says Eric. Someone get McDevitt on the phone. Blade hits a 450 from the top of the cage through a table in another great spot and wins. This sums up CZW in a nutshell. Some great spots, some slop and some head scratching booking. **

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The camera is not in the cage so it's kinda hard to see the action through the cage. I guess that's the new fan in me talking. When they get on scaffold, it keeps swinging which looks very dangerous. Blade does a sunset flip from the top of the cage which looked nice. Zandig interferes and hits pain the nuts. Crowd goes nuts for the finish and Blade doesn't screw up too much. A success in my book.

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This is a steel cage match and bridging across the roof is a scaffold. It’s a rickety looking cage and before the match has even begun Justice Pain climbs onto the scaffold and tries to get the crowd to start a “Ric Blade sucks!” chant. When they don’t, he proceeds to squirt them with a super soaker! Pain charges at Blade the moment he steps through the door, only to get backdropped into the cage. Spinning heel kick, but Pain counters the huracanrana by powerbombing Blade against the cage wall. Superkick followed by a backdrop driver. He hits a Lionsault and starts climbing up to the scaffold. Justice isn’t the quickest and Blade follows suit, getting up there before him. This is shaking a fair bit now. Blade blows an attempted ‘Death Valley Driver’, but in typical Ric Blade style, immediately repeats the same spot. Pain with a suplex and I honestly thought the scaffold was going to collapse. They fight on the side of the cage and with Justice on the outside, he catches Ric with a super smooth sunset flip into a powerbomb back into the ring. Blade reverses a huracanrana into a facebuster, and once again they’re fighting on the side of the cage. Zandig is out, attacks Justice and then passes Blade a table. He lays Pain on it and hits an awesome 450 splash off the top of the cage putting him through it for the win.


There’s not a chance I would’ve climbed that scaffold with how unstable it all looked. He may botch that ‘Death Valley Driver’, but that’s all Ric Blade blows, so in that regard this is a good night for him! That 450 splash off the top of the cage is one of the spots of the year so far.

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